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William and Stella Degenhardt Collecton

William A. Degenhardt journal - 1947 Lyman Lake trip

This is a journal for a Lyman Lake ski trip by Bill Degenhardt with Chuck and Marion Hessey, Rick Mack and Grant McConnell from March 29 through April 12, 1947. The journal records weather, daily activities, and travel times.

Stella Degenhardt album - Skiing, 1950s-60s

This album contains photographs and stories from ski trips in the 1950s and 1960s. I have photocopied selected pages. The following trips are included: The Glacier Peak story is similar to st-1960-mar-27-pic14, but with more detail and humor. The Ruth Mountain story describes a winter ski ascent with "Frank and Keith" (probably Frank Fickeisen and Keith Gunnar). The trio spent the night in a cabin just above Hannegan Pass. They had visited the cabin several weeks earlier. The 1965 Gold Hill account is a poem that captures the spirit of skiing there. The party included Al Randall, Frances Randall, Don Brannon, Bill Zauche, Chuck Hessey, Marion Hessey, Neva Karrick, Dina Rover, and Stella Degenhardt.

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