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Western Ski Promotions - Clippings
I borrowed clippings files from Joan Brown of Western Ski Promotions and made photocopies of selected pages.

North Cascades National Park

The Western Ski Promotions files contain articles about the North Cascades Study Team report released in January 1966 and the hearings held on February 11-12, 1966. The following articles are listed for reference (no detailed notes). Articles in bold face are especially interesting. A number in square brackets is a page number in my clippings folder:

Seattle P-I, Feb 20, 1966 - Dan Coughlin, "Ski Industry Is in Danger" [15]

The expansion of skiing in Washington is in jeopardy if proposals of the North Cascades Study Team to create additional wilderness or park areas in the state are accepted without substantial change. At stake are 1.6 million acres of land (2,500 square miles, about one-sixth the size of Switzerland). Skiing in Washington has grown at about 19 percent per year for the past five years. F.D. ("Skip") Voorhees of Renton's Milmanco Corp, Max Meyring of the Pacific Northwest Ski Association, and Bob Grant, geologist, surveyed the state with an eye to possible resort developments. They found 14 of the state's 15 potential major ski sites in or on the fringe of proposed park or wilderness tracts. They believe the six most feasible sites are: The Komo-Kulshan site is on or near the Mt Baker volcano, but the article does not clarify where. Mt Hinman, Big Snow, and Fortune Creek are in the proposed Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Voorhees says, "Washington State should conduct its own site evaluation and economic study before this land is sealed off forever."

Miscellaneous Clippings

I made copies of the following articles:

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