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Yakima Herald, October 11, 1953 - Shattuck, Denny, "Ski Club Preparing White Pass Resort For Winter"

The Yakima Valley Ski Club is preparing for the second winter of operation in the White Pass region. The club has constructed a two-story lodge, cleared the hillside, and is installing a new rope tow. In 1952-53, two tows were operated, the main tow 1,330 feet long and a 550-foot intermediate tow located on the eastern edge of the area. The new 550-foot rope tow will extend above the main tow into the newly cleared area. Eventually the club hopes to have a downhill run from the 6,700-foot summit to the 4,500-foot level of White Pass.

Yakima Herald, March 21, 1954 - Shattuck, Denny, "White Pass Chair Lift Development Definite Possibility"

On March 14, 1954, a party of 28 skiers climbed to the top of the butte above White Pass to explore the potential for a chairlift there. The party included Yakima Valley Ski Club president Bob Dietzen and Tieton District Ranger Harold Bowerman, along with Jack Holt, Lex Maxwell, Russ Mims, Charley Rankin, Shirley Ward, Ken Whitmire and others. The chairlift would be the crowning achievement of a development that started as a ski club project. It would have to be a private commercial enterprise since the size of the project is beyond the ski club's scope.

Yakima Herald, December 8, 1957 - Tanler, Bill, "White Pass Chairlift Scheduled To Operate On Five Day Week"

Jim Sullivan, appointed general manager of the White Pass Co. in the spring of 1957, was employed in the accounting department of the Howe Sound Co. in Holden, WA. Sullivan and his wife were largely responsible for the development of a small ski area at Holden, which they operated for three years. The article includes a good picture of Jim Sullivan.

For future reference, I copied the following articles but have have not made notes on them:

Yakima Herald, February 20, 1955 - Shattuck, Denny, "White Pass Area Training Ground for Ski Champions"

Yakima Herald, August 26, 1956 - Shattuck, Denny, "White Pass Dream Coming True; Chair Lift Nearing Completion"

Yakima Herald, January 20, 1957 - McPherson, Anne, "White Pass Ski Development Is Realization Of A Dream"

Seattle Times, February 3, 1957 - Scaylea, Josef, "Sun and Snow On Top of the Tow"

Yakima Herald-Republic, April 9, 1989 - Troianello, Craig, "Hogback Basin - Controversy ensnarls peaceful mountain ski area"

Yakima Herald-Republic, January 3, 1992 - Geranios, Nicholas K., "Ski debate picks up speed"

Yakima Herald-Republic, February 14, 1993 - Dudley, Brier, "Passing on expansion"

Yakima Herald-Republic, March 14, 1997 - Nelson, Wes, "White Pass looks to expand - again"

Yakima Herald-Republic, November 17, 1999 - "White Pass Ski Area has hit another legal roadblock"

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