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Bellingham Herald, Jun 24, 1993 - Giordano, Steve, "Descent to glory"

On May 28, 1993, George St James, 22, of Glacier, snowboarded the Northwest Couloir of Mt Shuksan, accompanied by his mentor George Dobis, who descended on foot. According to the author, "No one knows of anyone who has ever skied down the deep mountain gorge." A photo diagram included with the article indicates that St James climbed to and descended from a point below the top of the route, where it is necessary to angle left before ascending the final chute. A supplementary article on page D1 has a picture of St James and Dobis. (The page 1 story reports the date as May 29, but the page D1 story says May 28. I think the D1 story is more complete and accurate.)

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