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Miscellaneous References
These are feature articles with bylines, sorted by date. Minor articles and articles without bylines are listed in clippings files (see Manuscripts and Special Collections). If the Notes column says "Reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The Library column shows where the reference was found. The ID column has links to my review notes.

Review priority: yellow, high; white, neutral; green, see pre-pub notes; blue, complete.

ID Publication Date Article Library Reviewed Notes
sam-sup-1895-apr-20 Scientific American Supplement April 20, 1895 "Skee Races In Norway" UW LDS, 2/19/2003 Early U.S. article on the sport of skiing
harpers-1899-mar-4-p225 Harper's Weekly March 4, 1899 "Skee Running in Oregon UW LDS, 3/7/2019 Early U.S. article on skiing in the Pacific Northwest
ngm-1909-p530 National Geographic Magazine 1909 Milnor Roberts, "A Wonderland of Glaciers and Snow" UW LDS, 6/9/2001 First article on winter and skiing at Mt Rainier to appear in a national publication.
scb-1913-jun-p81 Sierra Club Bulletin 9:3 June 1913 Lulie Nettleton, "The Mountaineers winter out on Mt Rainier" TPL LDS, 11/21/2002 1st Mountaineer winter outing to Longmire
klahhane-1918 Klahhane Club Annual 1918 Published by the Klahhane Club, Port Angeles, WA PAPL LDS, 7/11/2001 Nothing relevant
appalachia-1931-jun-p312 Appalachia June 1931 Milana Jank, "Mt Washington-Mt Madison, first ski traverse Courtesy of Tim Weed LDS, 11/27/2009 January 1931 ski traverse with Fritz Wiessner
physcult-1932-feb-p22 Physical Culture February 1932 Milana Jank, "Back to Nature on Wings of Wood" Ingrid P. Wicken collection LDS, 2/26/2003 Describes Idraet, solo ski-climb of Mt Baker
gossip-1932-feb-p14 Game & Gossip February 1932 Milana Jank, "Into The Infinite: Conquering White Worlds On Skis" Ingrid P. Wicken collection LDS, 1/2/2010 Milana Jank introduces herself to American readers
gossip-1932-may-p18 Game & Gossip May 1932 Milana Jank, "Skis to the World's White Roof" Ingrid P. Wicken collection LDS, 1/28/2003 The appeal of ski touring in the Pacific coast mountains
scb-1932-aug-p148 Sierra Club Bulletin 17:4 August 1932 Walter Mosauer, "Summer Ski-Trips in the Northwest" TPL LDS, 11/17/2002 Mt Adams ski descent
afm-1933-dec-p542 American Forests Magazine December 1933 Ernest R. Norling, "Sunrise and Snow" UWSpecColl Accession 2170-003 LDS, 11/18/2002 Winter trip to Sunrise, Mt Rainier
crier-1933-dec-16-p18 Town Crier December 16, 1933 Hans-Otto Giese, "Sport of the gods" UW LDS, 7/13/2003 Introduction to skiing
atlantic-1936-jan-mpos The Atlantic January 1936 Moffat, Donald, "Mr Pennyfeather on Skiing" LDS, from Silas Wild - Humor [digital file]
ngm-1936-jun-p715 National Geographic Magazine June 1936 Bradford Washburn, "Exploring Yukon's Glacial Stronghold" Matie Daiber collection, also UW LDS, 11/18/2002 Reference: Account of 1935 expedition with Ome Daiber.
afm-1936-apr-p166 American Forests Magazine April 1936 Asahel Curtis, "The Proposed Mount Olympus National Park" PAPL clippings LDS, 8/20/2004 Reference: Author opposed the park
columns-1936-dec-p8 U.W. Columns December 1936 Proctor Mellquist, "Ski Primer" Mel Borgersen collection LDS, 5/1/2019 Tips for first-time skiers
crier-1936-dec-p6 Town Crier December 1936 Gordon Proctor, "Northwest Ski Guide" UW LDS, 7/13/2003 Facilities in 1936-37, last season before rope-tows were installed widely
bsyb-1936-p265 British Ski Year Book 1936 Edward C. Newell, "Pacific North-Western United States" Courtesy of NESM LDS, 8/20/2004 Summary of ski centers
scb-1937-feb-p69 Sierra Club Bulletin 22:1 February 1937 Hermann F. Ulrichs, "The Cascade Range in Northern Washington" UWSpecColl Accession 2170-003, also TPL LDS, 5/12/2001 Overview and impressions by early climber
sep-1937-dec-18-p7 The Saturday Evening Post December 18, 1937 Eastwood, Catherine, "Lookout Bride" LDS LDS, 3/23/2019 Reference: Harland and Catherine Eastwood at Three Fingers lookout, as told to Byron Fish [digital file]
scholastic-1938-apr-09-p29 Scholastic Magazine April 1938 Ralph A. Spencer, "Mt Rainier - Skier's Paradise" Bob McIntyre collection LDS, 12/11/2002 A high schooler's impressions of Paradise
wpt-1939-dec-p3 Washington Parent-Teacher December 1939 Ome Daiber, "Skiing, An 'Ageless' Sport" Matie Daiber collection LDS, 11/18/2002 Reference: Tips for skiers of all ages
parke-1940 U.S. Forest Service April 16, 1940 William N. Parke, "Report on the 1939 Mount Baker Avalanche Rescue Work" MHC, courtesy of Helen Stauder of Sports Illustrated Magazine LDS, 2/1/2013 Report by the ranger in charge of the rescue effort
sep-1940-jun-15-p12 The Saturday Evening Post June 15, 1940 Richard L. Neuberger, "How Much Conservation?" PAPL clippings LDS, 8/20/2004 Reference: Balancing conservation and local economics. Olympic National Park, Cascades super-park proposal.
etc-1941-feb-p10 Etc. February 1941 Byron Fish (ed.), "Experiments in Freezing" UWSpecColl LDS, 2/19/2003 15th Infantry ski patrol
csm-1941-mar-08-p6 The Christian Science Monitor March 8, 1941 Sophia Steinbach, "Charge of the Ski Brigade" UW LDS, 11/18/2002 Reference: Army ski patrols, Lake Placid, NY
skibull-1941-mar-14-p5 The Ski Bulletin March 14, 1941 Howard C. Crawford, "Fifteenth Infantry Ski Patrol" NESM LDS, 1/28/2003 Describes mission of the ski patrol, written before the task was finished
life-1942-nov-09-p58 Life Magazine November 9, 1942 J.R. Eyerman, "Mountain Troops" UW LDS, 10/19/2005 Reference: Cover photo story featuring Walter Prager and troops on Mt Rainier in summer.
sep-1945-dec-08-p26 The Saturday Evening Post December 8, 1945 Richard Thruelsen, "The 10th Caught it All at Once" MHC LDS, 11/18/2002 Mountain troops
asa-1950-jan-p26 American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal January 1950 Fred H. McNeil, "Skiing Activities in the Pacific Northwest" TCL-SV LDS, 9/15/2002 Ski Acres, Milwaukee Bowl, Cayuse-Tipsoo
asa-1951-feb-p15 American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal February 1951 Montgomery M. Atwater, "Avalanche Study in the U.S.A." TCL-SV LDS, 9/15/2002 Avalanche forecasting and protection
bsyb-1951-p301 British Ski Year Book 1951 Roger A. Freeman, "Ski-ing in the Cascade Mountains" Courtesy of NESM LDS, 8/20/2004 Update on Cascade skiing since bsyb-1936-p265
pnq-1953-jan-p7 Pacific Northwest Quarterly January 1953 Joseph T. Hazard, "Winter Sports in the Western Mountains" Bob McIntyre collection LDS, 11/19/2002 The story of the ski in the Pacific Northwest
sofn-viking-1953-may-p13 Sons of Norway (Dist 2), The Viking May 1953 "Reidar S. Gjolme" Courtesy of Christine Anderson, Sons of Norway LDS, 11/22/2010 Brief profile of Northwest ski jumping pioneer [digital file]
sep-1953-may-02-p17 The Saturday Evening Post May 2, 1953 William L. Worden, "The Man Who Rescues Mountain Climbers" OC-GWM LDS, 8/21/2004 Ome Daiber
wpq-1954-sep-p463 Western Political Quarterly September 1954 Grant McConnell, "The Conservation Movement--Past and Present" UW LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: Analysis of the ideas animating the conservation movement in 1910s, 1950s
sr-1958-feb-23-p3 Spokesman-Review February 23, 1958 Charles D. Hessey, Jr., "The North Cascades: Beauty Worth Saving" TPL clippings LDS, 8/21/2004 Glacier Peak wilderness area
sr-1958-dec-07-p8 Spokesman-Review December 7, 1958 Charles Hessey, Jr., "Untracked Slopes of Spanish Camp" UWSpecColl Accession 2170-003 LDS, 8/21/2004 Skiing in the Pasayten country
pnw-1959-jan-p8 Pacific Northwest Magazine January 1959 Peter Wood, "Skiing 'Big Time' in Northwest" Mel Borgersen collection LDS, 1/8/2020 Statistics on winter sports in Washington and Oregon for 1957-58
tlw-1959-aut-p1 The Living Wilderness Autumn 1959 Margaret Oberteuffer, "A Northern Cascades Wilderness Trek" MHC, Dwight Watson shoeboxes LDS, 8/22/2004 Reference: 1958 Ptarmigan Traverse by an Oregon party
whn-1962-jan-p19 Washington Highway News Jan-Feb, 1962 Jerry Gray, "Sprinkle With Snow" TPL clippings LDS, 11/18/2002 Historical development of highways and skiing
skimag-1964-oct-p94 Ski Magazine October, 1964 Bill Tanler, "From Seattle With Love" LDS LDS, 1/8/2020 Description of Seattle ski areas.
seattle-1964-dec-p16 Seattle Magazine December, 1964 Rillmond Schear, "There's Gold in Them Thar Hills" Don Aaland collection LDS, 8/22/2004 Ski boom, ski areas (filed under Don Aaland)
seattle-1964-dec-p40 Seattle Magazine December, 1964 "There's No Biz...Like Ski Biz" Don Aaland collection LDS, 5/14/2006 Reference: Ski boom, manufacturers, importance of style (filed under Don Aaland)
seattle-1964-dec-p48 Seattle Magazine December, 1964 "Those Pioneer Days of Derring Do" Don Aaland collection LDS, 11/18/2002 Early NW skiing (filed under Don Aaland)
sunset-1965-jun-p84 Sunset Magazine June, 1965 "Our wilderness Alps" UW LDS, 11/17/2001 Reference: Introduction to region, support for national park (filed under Sunset)
klahane-1965 Klahhane Club Golden Anniversary, 1915-1965 1965 Published by the Klahhane Club, Port Angeles, WA PAPL LDS, 7/11/2001 Nothing relevant
skiing-1965-feb Skiing Magazine February 1965 Special Ski Touring Issue, also includes Emmett Watson, "Crystal Mountain: Built By Skiers, For Skiers" Martin Volken collection [digital files] LDS, 1/8/2020 I copied several articles
seattle-1965-dec-pxx Seattle Magazine December, 1965 (probably) Bob Cram, "Bob Cram's Cheerful Baedeker to Skiing Around the Northwest" Courtesy of Bob Cram LDS, 1/10/2020 Brief impressions of ski areas in the greater Northwest (nothing noteworthy for this project). Photocopy lacks page numbers or date.
skiing-1966-feb-p34 Skiing Magazine February 1966 Emmett Watson, "Crystal Mountain: Resort Skiing Comes to the Northwest" Mel Borgersen collection LDS, 1/10/2020 Impact of Crystal as Washington's first destination ski area.
atlantic-1967-feb-p87 Atlantic Monthly February 1967 Paul Brooks, "The Fight For America's Alps" UW LDS, 11/19/2004 North Cascades park controversy
scb-1967-oct-p40 Sierra Club Bulletin 52:9 October 1967 Charles D. Hessey, Jr., "Gateways to the North Cascades" MHC, Dwight Watson shoeboxes, also TPL, LDS, 8/21/2004 Describes approaches to the North Cascades
science-1969-sep-19-p1232 Science September 19, 1969 Chauncey Starr, "Social Benefit versus Technological Risk" UW LDS, 10/18/2004 What is our society willing to pay for safety?
seattle-1969-dec-p49 Seattle Magazine December, 1969 Tim Thompson, "The Ski-Climbers" UW LDS, 10/18/2004 Hans-Otto Giese, early ski ascents
si-1971-feb-08-p55 Sports Illustrated Febuary 8, 1971 William Johnson, "Phantoms of the Snow" UW LDS, 3/4/2006 10th Mountain Division
whn-1972-sep Washington Highways September 1972 North Cascades Highway Dedication Issue PAPL clippings LDS, 8/23/2004 Reference: Historical glimpses from 1896 to dedication, with tribute to highway champion George Zahn.
lchs-1974-spr-p27 Lake Chelan Historical Society, History Notes Spring 1974, Vol. 2, No. 1 Charles Hessey, Jr., "Winter at Lyman Lake" Harry Majors collection LDS, 8/22/2004 Entries in Lyman Lake cabin logbook by Charles Hessey in 1946-48
ochs-1974-dec Okanogan County Historical Society Heritage Winter (Dec) 1974-75, Vol. 13, No. 1 Keith Whiting, "The Azurite Story" SHM LDS, 10/15/2006 Ten articles by various authors about the Azurite Mine [digital file]
bh-1975-mar-20 Bellingham Herald March 30, 1975 Steven Landau, "The busy world of Otto Trott" BPL clippings LDS, 9/3/2004 Reference: Mt Baker ski patrol
mir-1976-oct-21-p9 Mercer Island Reporter December 21, 1976 Sharon Jessup, "Emil Aaland, ski craftsman - work's fine at 89" Don Aaland collection LDS, 5/14/2006 Reference: Emil Aaland background, filed (with a photo) under Don Aaland.
ssun-1977-nov-9-p12 Seattle Sun November 9, 1977 Dave Longmuir, "XC proves the kooks were right" UW LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: "XC is the latest winter sports fad."
climbing-1977-nov-p30 Climbing Magazine Nov/Dec 1977 David Belden, "Ski Extreme" Mountaineers LDS, 11/24/2004 Overview of the sport from French point of view
weekly-1978-jan-25-p10 The Weekly January 25-31, 1978 Steve Barnett, "Free at last!" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 Wilderness skiing rediscovered
search-1978-mar-p43 Search March 1978 Harriet Bullitt, "Skiing the High Wilderness" UWSpecColl LDS, 10/17/2004 Reference: Steve Barnett interview
psoundings-1978-dec-p20 Puget Soundings December 1978 Webb Moffett, "A Brief History of Skiing in the Northwest" UWSpecColl LDS, 11/18/2002 Recollections of NW ski area pioneer
weekly-1979-feb-p8 The Weekly, Seattle Sport supplement February 1979 Gerry Cox, "Return of the Telemark" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 Steve Barnett's Cross-Country Downhill
pnw-1980-mar-p24 Pacific Northwest Mar-Apr 1980 Steve Barnett, "Skiing Olympus: From Rain Forest to Glacier" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 July trip with Dave Kahn
uwdaily-1980-oct-09-p21 U.W. Daily October 9, 1980 Doug Baldwin, "Skier makes movie on Mount Rainier" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 John Fuller's Cross Country Challenge
si-1981-mar-30-p54 Sports Illustrated March 30, 1981 William Oscar Johnson, "It's Got Its Ups and Downs" UW LDS, 10/18/2004 Chris Landry and extreme skiing
backpacker-1982-nov-p20 Backpacker Magazine November 1982 Lito Tejada-Flores, "Telemarking Hits the Backcountry" Alan Wenker collection LDS, 10/12/2006 Benefits of telemark techinque in backcountry conditions
pnw-1983-mar-p61 Pacific Northwest March 1983 David Hooper, "Feeling the Chill of Early Winters" PAPL clippings LDS, 8/24/2004 Sandy Butte ski area
pnw-1984-apr-p38 Pacific Northwest April 1984 Joel Connelly, "The Mountains Nobody Knows" PAPL clippings LDS, 8/24/2004 Picket Range
ancient-skiers-1984 Ancient Skiers 1904-1984 1984 Published by Ancient Skiers of the Northwest, Seattle, WA Joan Brown collection LDS, 9/30/2002 Commemorative album for Clamfreeze Reunion on September 23, 1984
usfs-1984-wmaps U.S. Forest Service October 1984 New Wilderness [...] Washington Wilderness Act of 1984 UW LDS, 10/25/2004 Wilderness additions in four Washington national forests
ramer-1985 Alpine/Nordic 2, The Journal of Unconventional Skiing 1985 Written by Paul Ramer and published by Alpine Research, Inc. LDS, photocopy donated by Dave "Zap" Czaplicki - Excellent overview of backcountry ski gear in 1985.
signpost-1986-jan-p18 Signpost Magazine January 1986 Eric Burr, "A Skier's view of Sandy Butte" John Pollock collecton LDS, 8/16/2018 Reference: Thoughts about ski area design, with some history.
signpost-1986-oct-p34 Signpost Magazine October 1986 Mike Hiler and Carrie Covey, "Skiing American Ridge" John Pollock collecton LDS, 8/16/2018 Reference: Brief history of American Ridge ski area (Yakima).
washington-1987-may-p51 Washington, The Evergreen State Magazine May/June 1987 Timothy Egan, "Old Men of the Mountains" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 Reference: Short profiles of Ome Daiber, Fred Beckey, Dee Molenaar, Dave Mahre, and Louis Ulrich
sof-1987-aug-p66 Soldier of Fortune August 1987 Leroy Thompson, "Alpine Elite: The Making of America's 10th Mountain Division" Eugene Winters collection LDS, 11/19/2002 Reference: Good overview. Information available in other sources.
climbing-1987-oct-p97 Climbing Magazine October 1987 Lou Dawson, "Skis and Bindings: The Right Stuff for Alpine Touring" Mountaineers LDS, 6/27/2007 Reference: Review of alpine touring gear.
i90skier-1987-oct-p10 I-90 Skier October 1987 Kay Thoresen, "50 Years: Era Ends, New Era Begins" Stella Degenhardt collection LDS, 11/18/2002 Reference: Snoqualmie Pass ski area history. Good photos. Information is from known sources.
climbing-1987-dec-p65 Climbing Magazine December 1987 Lowell Skoog, "Coming of Age" Mountaineers LDS, 8/24/2004 Thunder High Route
climbing-1987-dec-p96 Climbing Magazine December 1987 Lou Dawson, "Boots, Poles, Shovels: Say Goodbye to Leather and Heavy Metal" Mountaineers LDS, 6/27/2007 Reference: Review of alpine touring gear.
climbing-1988-feb-p90 Climbing Magazine February 1988 Lou Dawson, "Nordic Skis, Boots, Bindings: Free Heeling for Versatility in the Backcountry" Mountaineers LDS, 6/27/2007 Reference: Review of nordic touring gear.
pnw-1989-nov-p34 Pacific Northwest November 1989 Jeff Halstead, "Destination Washington?" UW LDS, 8/24/2004 Why Washington ski resorts never quite made the big time
rnews-1990-p6 Rossignol News, Vol. 1, No. 2 1989-90 John King, "Jimmy Katz: Taking Adventure to the Extreme" LDS LDS, 6/30/2004 Filed under Jimmy Katz
wcn-1992 Women Climbers Northwest 1992 Engagement Calendar 1992 Entry for the week of Feb 24-Mar 1 LDS LDS, 3/6/2004 Reference: March 1989, Oval Peak, N Couloir, Sprague Ackley and Hope Barnes, "first woman's ski descent." (Also see photo, week of Oct 26-Nov 1.)
at-1992-sep-12-1B Aspen Times September 12 and 13, 1992 Cameron Burns, "The 10th Mountain Division turns 50" Duke Watson collection LDS, 11/19/2002 Reunion in Colorado, nothing noteworthy
bh-1993-jun-24-p1 Bellingham Herald June 24, 1993 Steve Giordano, "Descent to glory" Carl Skoog collection LDS, 9/8/2004 George St James descent of Mt Shuksan, NW couloir
wrj-1994-jan-19-p18 Wood River Journal January 19, 1994 Obituary: Donald Fraser TCL-SV, filed with OH-55 LDS, 11/14/2012 Filed under Don and Gretchen Fraser
columbia-1996-win-p6 Columbia Winter 1995-96 Stella Degenhardt, "The Mountaineers, Pioneers of Recreational Skiing in the Pacific Northwest" Stella Degenhardt collection LDS, 11/18/2002 Reference: Good summary of the Mountaineers and early Northwest skiing. Information is from known sources.
bh-1998-jan-23-C1 Bellingham Herald January 23, 1998 Mike McQuaide, "Snowboard Pioneers: 'Hard Cores' recall the early days of winter's hottest sport" UW LDS, 9/9/2004 Reference: Quotes from Jeff Fulton, Kelly Jo Legaz, Carter Turk
seattle-1998-jun-p36 Seattle Magazine June 1998 Richard Martin, "Going to Extremes" LDS LDS, 8/27/2004 Reference: Carl and Lowell Skoog profile
skiing-2000-feb-p100 Skiing Magazine February 2000 Andy Dappen, "The Snoqualmie Haute Route" Martin Volken collection LDS, 8/24/2004 Ski traverse around headwaters of Middle Fork Snoqualmie River
outside-2000-mar-p26 Outside Magazine March 2000 Bruce Barcott, "Breaking All Boundaries" LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Reference: Carl and Lowell Skoog profile
rom-2000-dec-p54 The Retired Officer Magazine December 2000 Karen Cummings, "Life on the Fast Slope" Stella Degenhardt collection LDS, 11/19/2002 Schneider Cup race, nothing noteworthy
dam-2000-jan-p50 Dartmouth Alumni Magazine Jan/Feb 2001 Edward A. Nickerson, "Mountain Men" Duke Watson collection LDS, 11/19/2002 Reference: 10th Mountain Division, good photos, overview, and a few quotes.
nwac-accidents-2001 Northwest Avalanche Center April 11, 2001 Mark Moore, NWAC Accident Database, 1910-2001 LDS LDS, 5/23/2020 Old accident database in PDF format [digital file and print-out]
nga-2001-nov National Geographic Adventure Magazine Nov/Dec 2001 Andy Dappen, "10 Perfect Ski Trips: Ski Mountaineering, North Cascades, Washington" LDS LDS, 4/30/2007 Reference: Forbidden Tour
grl-2003-jun-15-p3 Geophysical Research Letters June 15, 2003 Philip W. Mote, "Trends in snow water equivalent in the Pacific Northwest and their climatic causes" UW LDS, 10/19/2005 Reference: climate change
nwsci-2003-p271 Northwest Science 2003 Philip W. Mote, "Trends in temperature and precipitation in the Pacific Northwest during the twentieth century" UW LDS, 10/19/2005 Reference: climate change
mvn-2004-win-sup10 Methow Valley News, Winter Supplement Winter 2003-04 Paul Butler, "Heli-skiing the North Cascades" LDS LDS, 8/24/2004 Brief retrospective
bams-2005-jan-p39 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society January 2005 Philip W. Mote, "Declining mountain snowpack in western North America" UW LDS, 10/19/2005 Reference: climate change
newyorker-2005-apr-18-p100 The New Yorker April 18, 2005 Nick Paumgarten, "Dangerous Game" UW LDS, 2/18/2006 Reference: Andrew McLean profile
mvn-2006-win-sup12 Methow Valley News, Winter Supplement Winter 2005-06 Marcy Stamper, "The building of a dream on Little Buck Mountain" LDS LDS, 2/18/2006 Loup Loup ski area
griffin-c2006-alpental Summit-at-Snoqualmie website circa 2006 James Griffin, "Alpental - The Beginning" LDS LDS, 9/25/2008 Reference: Engaging story of birth of Alpental ski area
mvn-2007-win-sup12 Methow Valley News, Winter Supplement Winter 2006-07 Marcy Stamper, "Interview: Valley ski guru Don Portman" LDS - -
fmt-2007-sum-p18 Fire Management Today (USFS) Summer 2007 Ken and Doug Frederick, "The man who gave smokejumping its name" LDS LDS, 7/1/2009 Walt Anderson profile, by his grand-nephews.
xcskier-2007-dec Cross Country Skier December 2007 Ron Watters, "Jack Meissner and His Remarkable Ski Journey" LDS LDS, 1/24/2008 Reference: 1948 solo ski traverse of Oregon's Cascade Crest
issw-2008-p262 Proceedings of the 2008 International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) 2008 John Stimberis, "Chinook Pass: 25 Years On" LDS LDS, 5/20/2009 Reference: Update on Chinook Pass avalanche control program, 25 years after its inception.
tsj-2009-spr-p58 The Ski Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2 Spring 2009 Reed Purvis, "Ski Sickness" LDS LDS, 7/8/2009 Reference: Ski descents by Hummels, Manfredi and Sjue
oregonian-2009-nov-21 The Oregonian November 21, 2009 Asit Rathod, "He's boldly skied off Mt Hood, McKinley, Eiger and more" LDS LDS, 11/22/2009 Reference: Good account of 1971 Sylvain Saudan descent of Mt Hood.
oregonian-2009-dec-19a The Oregonian December 19, 2009 Bill Keil, "Ski athlete and innovator, Hvam did it all" LDS LDS, 12/20/2009 Follow-up to 21 Nov 2009 Oregonian story, describes Hjalmar Hvam's 1931 ski descent of Mt Hood.
oregonian-2009-dec-19b The Oregonian December 19, 2009 Laurie Robinson, "Hjalmar Hvam's '31 summit ski descent is one to beat" LDS LDS, 12/20/2009 Reference: Follow-up to 21 Nov 2009 Oregonian story, includes accounts of Mt Hood ski descents before 1971.
1859mag-2010-win 1859 Magazine Winter 2010 Annemarie Hamlin, "Oregon's Greatest Ski Adventure" LDS LDS, 1/24/2008 Reference: Jack Meissner's 1948 solo ski traverse.
tdn-2010-mar-11 The Daily News March 11, 2010 Patrick Kubin, "Longview Ski Club celebrates 75 years" LDS, web LDS, 4/16/2013 Includes recollections of Rob Quoidbach.
outside-2012-nov Outside Magazine November 2012 Megan Michelson, "Tunnel Vision" LDS, web LDS, 12/24/2012 Reference: February 2012 Stevens Pass avalanche
nytimes-2012-dec-23 New York Times December 2012 John Branch, "Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek" LDS, web LDS, 12/24/2012 Reference: February 2012 Stevens Pass avalanche. (Published in print on 12/23/2012. I have only the online version.)
yhr-2012-sep-30 Yakima Herald-Republic September 30, 2012 Chris Bristol, "Did you know: Satus Pass ski area ran out of snow" LDS, web LDS, 1/4/2013 Brief history of Satus Pass ski area. (I don't know if this was published in print. I have only the online version.)
svguide-2013-win-p18 Sun Valley Guide Winter 2012-2013 Katherine Wutz, "Snow Soldier" LDS, web LDS, 5/10/2013 Reference: Profile of Nelson Bennett with emphasis on Sun Valley ski patrol.
lundin-papers Research Papers 2012+ John Lundin LDS - Ski history research papers by John Lundin, mostly concerning the Snoqualmie Pass region. [Digital files]
wta-2014-may-jun-p20 Washington Trails May-June 2014 Cassandra Overby, "Hike Up Your Skirts" LDS LDS, 5/26/2014 Reference: Mt St Helens Mothers Day tradition and Kathy Phibbs.
usfs-pnw-gtr-892 General Technical Report PNW-GTR-892 Sept 2017 Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in the North Cascades Region, Washington LDS - USFS report on North Cascade climate impacts [digital file]
ski-journal-8.1-p30 The Ski Journal Autumn 2014 Oliver Lazenby, "The Champions of Yore" LDS LDS, 10/13/2014 Reference: 2014 Mountaineers Patrol Race [digital file]
48north-2016-mar-p44 48 Degrees North March 2016 Kirsten Bergstrom, "John Woodward: Legend of Sail and Ski" LDS - Profile of John Woodward [digital file]
crosscut-2016-apr-13-giese April 13, 2016 Knute Berger, "A Northwest outdoorsman, a Nazi sympathizer" LDS - Hans Otto Giese denaturalization trial (part of a series) [digital file]
outsideonline-2016-apr-20-social April 20, 2016 Devon O'Neil, "Is Social Media Screwing Over Explorers?" LDS - Discussion triggered by trans-Iceland ski trip. [digital file]
skimag-2017-jan-p28 Ski Magazine January 2017 Sam Bass, "Uphill Skiing Gains Traction" LDS - Skinning and skimo racing
nytimes-2018-oct-18 New York Times October 18, 2018 McFadden, Robert, "Joachim Ronneberg, Leader of Raid That Thwarted a Nazi Atomic Bomb, Dies at 99" LDS - Obituary of leader of 1943 Norwegian heavy-water plant raid [digital file]
amga-bulletin-2019-spr AMGA Guide Bulletin Spring 2019 Robinson, Doug, "40 Years of American Guiding" LDS - Summary of 40 year history of the American Mountain Guides Association. [digital file, under "Organizations, AMGA"]
caic-accidents-2019 Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) October 2019 U.S. Avalanche Accidents, 1950-51 to 2018-19 LDS LDS, 5/20/2020 Summary of U.S. avalanche accidents by location, primary activity, and mode of travel. Does not include narrative information. [digital file]
opb-2020-may-9 Oregon Public Broadcasting May 9, 2020 McCluskey, Ian, "Miss Dish and The Volcano" LDS - Story of Kathy Phibbs and the Mt St Helens Mother's Day tradition [digital file]
mschon-avy-map-2020 WA/OR Avalanche Fatalities and Near Miss Heat Map May 2020 Map of avalanche incidents in Washington and Oregon (KML file) LDS 5/26/2020 Summary provided to me by Matt Schonwald, compatible with Google Maps. [digital file]
nytimes-2020-nov-27 New York Times November 27, 2020 Goodman, David and Karen Schwartz, "It's the Winter of Backcountry. Here's How to Start Safely." LDS - Pandemic-driven surge in backcountry skiing. [digital file]
tsj-2023-vol17-no3-p54 The Ski Journal, Vol. 17, No. 3 Winter 2024 Kade Krichko, "Meany Lodge, Duct Tape and Love" LDS LDS, 12/24/2023 Reference: History and profile of Mountaineers Meany Lodge. Notes: "Chuck Wilder" should be "Chuck Welter." Photos credited to Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum came from Lowell Skoog collection instead.
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