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Spokesman-Review, Feb 23, 1958, p. 3 - Hessey, Charles D. Jr., "The North Cascades: Beauty Worth Saving"

"It has been said of many little-known places in the North Cascades, 'In any other state this would be famous.'" At the time of this writing, the U.S. Forest Service is planning to designate a wilderness area surrounding Glacier Peak, but the boundaries are in dispute. The present Forest Service proposal is to open the lower reaches of Agnes Creek near Stehekin to logging. This has generated strong opposition among conservationists and split the community of Stehekin in two. Another troubling aspect of Forest Service regulations is that a road may be constructed into a mining claim, and if it is, that section must be deleted from the "wilderness area."

The author describes the scenic attractions of Lake Chelan, the greater Stehekin drainage, the White and Napeequa Rivers, Buck Creek Pass, Lyman and Image Lakes, and the west fork of Agnes Creek. With the closing of the Holden mine, the easiest approach to Lyman Lake is currently from the Chiwawa River.

Parties from the Sierra Club and Mazamas that visited the region last summer called it "the most beautiful unprotected mountain country in the United states" and "scenery the equal of any of our finest national parks." The article includes two photos of skiers above Lyman Lake and another of Marion Hessey atop Chiwawa Mountain in summer, with Bonanza Peak in the distance.

Spokesman-Review, Dec 7, 1958, p. 8 - Hessey, Charles D. Jr., "Untracked Slopes of Spanish Camp"

Charles and Marion Hessey, with Bruce Gilbert, skied 21 miles up the Chewack River road and Andrews Creek trail to Spanish Camp cabin for a 10-day winter stay. The approach required 2-1/2 days due to clogging snow conditions and other trail difficulties. They skimped on food supplies in order to carry heavy camera equipment and film. Their trip plan depended on a friend, Bill Brotherton, to airdrop food at the cabin, weather permitting. The day after their arrival at Spanish Camp was stormy. Fortunately, the next day a break in the weather allowed Bretherton to drop six bundles. They spent the following days ski touring and filming at Bald Mountain, Cathedral Pass, and other spots near the cabin. The article includes fine photos of the Hesseys and Gilbert ski touring, waiting for the airdrop, and cooking on the wood stove inside the cabin.

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