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American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal, 1951
* Lowell Skoog has a copy of each article marked with an asterisk.

p. 230: Dudley, Charles M., "Ski Equipment Review" *

"In general, most equipment is designed for slalom or downhill skiing… Laminated wood skis are probably 95% of today's production." The author now feels that solid wood skis have no advantage over laminated skis in life and snap. The Head Ski Company has developed a ski constructed of wood, metal and plastic. "The trend in wax and lacquer continues to be in the direction of a permanent or semi-permanent plastic."

"The greatest changes in equipment have occurred in ski bindings--almost every manufacturer has done one of three things--created a binding which makes for a complete bond between ski and boot, has created a safety binding, or has adapted his older models by putting the spring up forward. The latter change enables the skier to mount the low hitch brackets further back on the ski toward the heel, thus increasing the bond between ski and boot." The Gresvig #8055 is a "combined boot and binding" consisting of a steel plate with front tension. "It has absolute control for slalom or downhill and, if desired, a free heel for touring."

G.H. Bass & Company has developed specialized ski boots, one for jumping and one for cross-country racing. [Apparently a single pair of boots served for all disciplines in the past.]

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