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American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal, 1952
* Lowell Skoog has a copy of each article marked with an asterisk.

I have not seen this issue. I ordered selected articles from NESM based on the index listed on the ISHA website.

p. 95: Holden, John, "Try Touring, It Costs Less" *

"We have talked ourselves into wanting more luxuries with our skiing every year, and now we squawk because skiing has become too expensive for us. In order to progress in the direction of more economical ski vacations we need to turn back the clock twenty years; or we can look at our Scandinavian cousins today and see the same thing." The author observes: "Tied down heels, short poles and lacquered bottoms were not designed for touring. But modern equipment, properly chosen, can be adapted to both types of skiing." He urges the development of trails that enable skiers to start up a lift to reach the high country, then spend the day touring.

p. 96: Photo by Charles Hessey, "Resting on a touring trip." *

Photo of three skiers admiring a view from atop a peak, probably Chiwawa Mountain.

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