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American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal, 1953
* Lowell Skoog has a copy of each article marked with an asterisk.

p. 110: Atwater, Monty, "Progress Report on Avalanches" *

The Forest Service now has three full-time avalanche study centers. The center at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, representing the high alpine zone, concentrates on wind transport of snow and delayed action avalanches. The Alta, Utah, center, representing the middle alpine zone, studies the weather factors that produce direct action avalanches. The center at Stevens Pass, WA, representing the coastal alpine zone, has been in operation only one full season and does not yet have a special research assignment.

The author discusses three landmarks in the history of avalanche research in the U.S. Number one was the establishment of the first avalanche observation station in the western hemisphere at Alta, Utah, in 1940. The second was publication of "The Alta Avalanche Studies" in 1948. The third landmark will be publication this year of the "Forest Service Avalanche Handbook." He writes, "Avalanche study has now reached the point where positive protection from avalanche hazard can be provided for any location where the use justifies the time, trouble and expense."

p. 225: Dudley, Charles M., "Ski Equipment, 1952-53" *

"We are doing this article with the idea that 1952-53 is the season of back to normalcy. Seriously, a lot of the bugs are out of skiing." The author doesn't discuss innovations, but instead concentrates on selection of equipment for the average skier purchasing an outfit for the first time or replacing a complete outfit. He describes an outfit of skis, bindings and poles that can be purchased for $30. He recommends paying about $35 for a pair of boots. Regarding poles, he recommends a metal snow ring with a minimum of leather straps "to keep you from sinking too deep in powder snow, where few people ski today."

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