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Backpacker Magazine, 1980-89

Backpacker Magazine, Nov 1982, p. 20 - Tejada-Flores, Lito, "Telemarking Hits the Backcountry"

This is primarily a technique article. The author writes: "Cross-country downhill technique has evolved as much in the last five years as Alpine ski technique has in the last 20." He discusses the weighting relationship between the front and back ski throughout the telemark turn in various snow conditions. "The telemark unfolds from each turn, not as an isolated, frozen weight transfer, but as a continuing liquid process of shifting weight and sliding skis back and forth" which, he says, "could very well be the often ignored secret of telemarking." He also discusses the use of the poles for rebalancing and step turns for handling crust. Slopes and conditions considered unthinkable on X-C gear a few years ago are now being dispatched with ease by expert telemarkers. "With a highly developed telemark technique, there's just about nothing one can't handle in the backcountry on light gear."

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