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British Ski Year Book, 1930-39

British Ski Year Book, 1936, p. 265 - Newell, Edward C., "Pacific North-Western United States"

"For over twenty-five years the nationally famous mountaineers of Seattle have made pioneer ski trips to the various mountains mentioned herein. In the last few years, with the organization of ski-jumping competitions, and now downhill racing [...], there have come to light many thousands of new skiers with the consequent development of some of the finest competitors in the United States."

The author discusses the major ski centers: Mt Baker, Glacier Pk, Snoqualmie Pass, Chinook Pass, Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Mt Hood, and Mt Olympus. About Glacier Peak he writes: "Skiers have been to this peak in the winter and have made numerous individual trips up its slopes." However, "There are no highways or railroads nearby from which it can be reached without a trip of several days." About Snoqualmie Pass: "Here are the first public ski grounds to be set aside in the country." About Chinook Pass: "The road is kept open within eight miles of the summit." Referring to the four-mile Silver Skis race on Mt Rainier [in 1934]: "The first two miles of the run in extremely fast spring snow were covered in 1 min. 57 secs. by the first competitor." Owing to the extreme heat of the day, the overall race was won in ten minutes. Mt St Helens and Mt Adams are described as little visited, but promising. Regarding Mt Hood: "Numerous ski ascents have been made and an annual ascent is made for the purpose of lighting the whole peak and lower slopes at midnight by means of flares." Most of the skiing is done at Multorpor Mountain, in the foothills. Of Mt Olympus: "This area is now in the process of being surveyed and mapped for the first time. It represents the last portion of the country to be so studied." The article includes several fine photographs:

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