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Cascadian Annual, 1970-79

Cascadian Annual, 1974

p. 20, Henkle, Lee, "Circling Rainier"

"A rather different way to climb Mt Rainier, and one which introduces a person to the many moods and facets of the mountain is a trip around the peak at about the 7,000 to 10,000 foot level." The author was in a four-man party that first did this on foot in 1967. During the following summer a party led by Hal Foss and including Dee Molenaar and Lee Nelson (park rangers) and the author traveled counter-clockwise around the mountain on foot in four days. Starting from the White River campground, they spent the first night, June 28, in Glacier Basin, the second night on Ptarmigan Ridge, and the third night on Puyallup Cleaver. On the last day they traveled all the way around the south side of the mountain to Summerland and out to the White River.

Cascadian Annual, 1978

p. 2, Havlin, Donald M., "Chuck and Marion Hessey"

Chuck Hessey graduated from WSC with a degree in civil engineering and served three years in India during WWII working in medical supplies in the China-Burma-India theatre of war. He was a surveyor for Boise-Cascade for twelve or so years. He served for many years on the North Cascades Conservation Council, was Conservation Chairman of the Cascadians, and was active in the Cougar Lakes Wilderness Alliance. For four years Chuck stayed at the old Gold Hill cabin during the winter, cooking for groups that came in on weekends. It was in one of those groups that he first met Marion Monter. A graduate of Yakima High School and Yakima Business College, Marion worked during the war years in the office of the Naches Ranger Station. She has been the bookkeeper for Gilbert Orchards in Wiley City for many years. Chuck and Marion were married in 1954. The article includes several stories about the Hesseys.

Cascadian Annual, 1979

p. 2, Havlin, Donald M., "Lex Maxwell"

Lex Maxwell graduated from Yakima Valley College in 1930. He joined Yakima Federal Savings & Loan in 1936, retiring in 1972 as President. His first ascents include the Ulrich's Couloir (1933) and West Ridge (1935) on Mt Stuart, the NE Face of Little Tahoma (1959), and two routes on Mt Adams in the early 1960s. He helped found the Central Washington Mountain Rescue Council in about 1953. His interest in skiing dates back to 1930. From about 1936 to 1940 he helped build the American River Ski Bowl. During WWII the Cascadians had nearly folded, but following the war Lex played an essential role in reviving the club. He organized the first climbing school sponsored by the Cascadians in 1953.

p. 60, Hessey, Charles D., Jr., "When Winter Was"

A poem "composed, in nostalgia, in the jungles of India, 1944."

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