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Cascadian Annual, 1960-69

Cascadian Annual, 1964

p. 60, Foss, Hal, "Mt Rainier Circuit"

This article describes five separate day trips that scouted a glacier circuit around the mountain on foot. The annual also contains accounts of the trips written by different party members.
  1. Paradise to Fryingpan Creek, July 19, 1964 - Jim and Ed Linse, Dallas Hake and Hal Foss.
  2. Yakima Park to Fryingpan Creek, August 23, 1964 - Lex and Mary Maxwell, Ralph Uber, Jim Linse and Hal Foss.
  3. Yakima Park to Mowich Lake, September 26, 1964 - Ralph Uber, Tom Hargis and Hal Foss.
  4. Paradise to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground, October 4, 1964 - Dallas Hake, Dick Blair and Hal Foss.
  5. Mowich Lake to Puyallup Cleaver, October 11, 1964 - Lynn Buchanan, Tom Hargis and Hal Foss.

Cascadian Annual, 1969

p. 27, Hessey, Charles D., Jr., "Hessey Tracks, 1969"

"The North Cascades National Park was a fait accompli so we decided to introduce Marion to the Olympics." Most of the article is about the Hesseys' Olympic rambles in the summer of 1969. The author mentions that in August 1945, he hiked up the North Fork Tieton River to McCall Basin in the Goat Rocks with ski gear and food for five days. Since Hessey was still in the service in August 1945 (asa-1947-p84a), this trip may have been in 1946.

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