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Climbing Magazine, 1980-89

Climbing Magazine, Dec 1987, p. 65 - Skoog, Lowell, "Coming of Age"

This article, entitled "The Thunder High Route" in the original draft, was crudely edited. It describes the May 1987 ski traverse from Rainy Pass to Eldorado Peak by Jens Kieler (then Kuljurgis), Dan Nordstrom, and the author. As published, the story is a somewhat generic account of a North Cascade ski trip. The table of contents calls it "an increasingly popular ski tour in the North Cascades," despite the fact that the trip had never been done before. The following photos are included: The article includes a sketch map of the route and musings about the impact of a new backcountry skiing guidebook on the Cascades. "Backcountry skiing in the North Cascades is coming of age, and as we drove off, I wondered if it would be harder in the future to match the solitude we had found. The opportunity for adventure isn't determined by the size of the range or by the number of people who go there, but by one's imagination."

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