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American Forests Magazine, 1933

American Forests Magazine, 1933, p. 542 - Norling, Ernest R., "Sunrise and Snow"

This article describes a two-week winter snowshoe and ski trip to Sunrise on Mt Rainier, presumedly in 1933, by the author with Joe Yolo and Orville Borgersen. The party packed motion picture cameras and a kit of water colors. The park superintendent granted them permission to use facilities at the ranger stations, so they did not have to pack blankets and food for their stay. Still, they set out with sixty pound packs. They skied to the White River ranger station the first day, then climbed to the Sunrise ranger station the next day. They encountered the winter Park patrol there, rangers Davis, Brown and Brockman on skis. The patrol skied out the following day. The party remained at Sunrise for twelve days, touring and making films when the weather allowed it. The author painted water colors. The article contains florid descriptions of the scenery and a nice paragraph (p. 575) on the joys of skiing. There is also a good description (p. 545) of the packs carried by the skiers, a Trapper Nelson, a Bergen rucksack, and a Wallace Burr packboard.

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