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New England Ski Museum Journal, 2010-2019
Published by the New England Ski Museum (NESM).

NESM Journal, Summer 2011

p. 1, Wicken, Ingrid P., "Milana Jank: A Woman Ski Mountaineer in the United States in the 1930s" *

This paper is based largely on articles written by Milana Jank in Physical Culture and Game & Gossip in the early 1930s. Ingrid Wicken sent me copies of these articles, which I have reviewed in gossip-1932-feb-p14, physcult-1932-feb-p22, and gossip-1932-may-p18. Other sources include appalachia-1931-jun-p312 and www-asj-tioga-ski-1932.

The author found papers from Dennis Jones at the Donner Summit Historical Society in California, which shed more light on Milana Jank's activities when she was in the Sierra. The NESM article includes a list of ski trips compiled by Jank in the spring of 1932. Jank was in the U.S. for 2-1/2 to 3 years, writing and lecturing on skiing when she was not in the mountains. She returned to Germany in July 1933, due to largely to the difficult economy in the U.S. When Dennis Jones visited Europe in 1934, Jank wrote that she was unable to travel to meet him, because "I have to work so hard for my living, for the future, for the big novel and for little ones, I could not get away now."

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