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Ski Magazine, 1937-40s

Ski Illustrated, Feb-Mar 1938

Ski Illustrated, Feb-Mar, 1938, p. 30 - "Ski Courses in Rainier National Park"

This photo by Orville Borgersen is annotated to show the location of ski courses and facilities around Paradise. Near the Paradise Inn are the Tatoosh Club, Sluiskin Club and Guide House. Farther west is the Paradise Lodge. The name "Sugar Loaf" is applied near McClure Rock. Other feature names are conventional. This issue (courtesy NESM) also includes news tidbits from other Northwest ski areas.

Ski Illustrated, Nov 1938

Ski Illustrated, Nov, 1938, p. 30 - "100,000 Skiers Expected at Rainier This Winter"

In 1927-28, 18,808 persons passed through the Nisqually entrance to Rainier National Park between December and May. By 1932-33, the number was 30,530, "to whom most of them a 'gelandesprung' or 'telemark' meant nothing more than the Einstein theory means to a college sophomore." During 1937-38, the number reached 83,000, "virtually all of them possessing a working knowledge of [skiing]." The writer expects the number to exceed 100,000 this season. Otto Lang, recently married, will lead the ski school again at Paradise and is expected to sound the familiar cry, "Ze claws will meet in front of ze Inn wiz in a few moments."

Ski Illustrated, Nov 1939

Ski Illustrated, Nov 1939, p. 18 - Hume, Rita Marrah, "A Saga of Silver Skis"

This article describes the excitement and preparations leading up to the 1939 Silver Skis, won by Peter Radacher of Sun Valley. Radacher, the favorite, was nearly upset by Arthur Schlatter of Switzerland, who had the fastest time on the course until he crashed in sticky snow just before the finish line in Edith Creek Basin. The women's and junior's races started at McClure Rock and were completed by 1:30 pm. The men's race from Camp Muir started at 2 pm. Twenty-four racers started at one-minute intervals. A public address system was set up in Edith Creek Basin and a short-wave radio linked Camp Muir, McClure Rock, and the finish line. The author describes course features including Anvil Rock, Little Africa, Sugar Loaf, McClure Rock, "The Rolls," and Panorama Point.

The author briefly describes previous Silver Skis races in 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1938. She mentions changes in race format and organization. The article includes photos of the course, previous winners Hannes Schroll and Don Fraser, and the Silver Skis trophy.

Ski Illustrated, Jan 1948

Ski Illustrated, Jan 1948, p. 22 - Hessey, Charles D., Jr., "Ski High"

This article describes the author's second trip to the Lyman Lake area, in April 1947, with Mrs. F. D. (Rick) Mack, Marion Monter and Bill Degenhardt. They were joined at Holden by Grant McConnell, who at the time was living in Stehekin. Six months earlier, McConnell had sent food into Lyman Lake by pack-horse.

Hessey writes, "At Holden there is a ski club, ardent skiers, and mountaineers. When you arrive you must ask for Lynn Bennett, the Chief Assayer, who knows Railroad Creek as you know your home, and will furnish the information you need."

The party skied to the Lyman Lake cabin and enjoyed fine weather the following day, skiing near Cloudy Pass. The days following that were cloudy, but with good snow, and their skiing was limited to the glades below the pass. McConnell had to leave on April 8th. The weather continued cloudy until April 11th, of which the author writes, "This was the most beautiful morning I have ever seen in the mountains." The party skied North Star Mountain, taking many color photographs. Degenhardt left for home the next day, while the rest of the party remained a few more days in fine weather.

The article includes several fine photos of skiers in the Cloudy Pass area.

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