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Ski (Illustrated) Magazine, 1936-40s

Many of these articles were photocopied from the Mel Borgersen collection, courtesy of his son Rolf Borgersen. I also obtained four complete issues (Dec-Jan 1936-37, Feb-Mar 1937, Dec-Jan 1937-38, Feb-Mar 1938) from the O.P. Dickert family. A few articles were obtained from other sources, particularly the New England Ski Museum.

Every issue of Ski Illustrated that I've reviewed is listed here. If nothing noteworthy is listed for a given issue, I probably don't have any photocopies from it. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

Review priority: yellow, high; white, neutral; green, see pre-pub notes; blue, complete.

ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
skimag-1936-jan Ski Jan 1936 LDS, 12/25/2012 Premiere issue, Northwest winter sports clubs edition
skimag-1936-dec Ski Illustrated Dec-Jan 1936-37 - Jenson, "Berg Heil"
McCallum, "On To Paradise--Realized"
Henderson, "Greatest Season on Mt Hood Expected" and more...
skimag-1937-feb Ski Illustrated Feb-Mar 1937 - Giese, "Seattle High-School Skiing"
"Ski Areas in the No. Pacific Region"
skimag-1937-dec Ski Illustrated Dec-Jan 1937-38 - Timberline Lodge, Northwest ski areas, equipment, ski touring, more
skimag-1938-feb Ski Illustrated Feb-Mar 1938 LDS, 11/22/2002 Ski Courses in Rainier National Park
skimag-1938-nov Ski Illustrated Nov 1938 LDS, 11/22/2002 100,000 skiers expected at Mt Rainier
skimag-1939-feb Ski Illustrated Feb-Mar 1939 LDS, 6/2/2005 Reference: Severson, "Skifully Yours" (breathless impressions of Mounts Baker, Rainier and Hood )
skimag-1939-nov Ski Illustrated Nov 1939 LDS, 6/2/2005 Hume, "A Saga of Silver Skis"
skimag-1940-feb Ski Illustrated Feb-Mar 1940 LDS, 2/5/2010 Nothing noteworthy
skimag-1941-dec Ski Illustrated Dec 1941 - Deep-snow skiing, equipment
skimag-1941-xmas Ski Illustrated Christmas 1941 - Torger Tokle, equipment
skimag-1942-jan Ski Illustrated Jan 1942 - Jay, "Shooting Soldiers on Skis" plus equipment
skimag-1942-feb Ski Illustrated Feb 1942 - Equipment
skimag-1942-dec Ski Illustrated Dec 1942 - Equipment
skimag-1943-jan Ski Illustrated Jan 1943 - Equipment
skimag-1943-feb Ski Illustrated Feb 1943 - Mathias Zdarsky, equipment
skimag-1946-jan Ski Illustrated Jan 1946 - Dawson, "Warriors on Skis" plus equipment
skimag-1948-jan Ski Illustrated Jan 1948 LDS, 3/30/2001 Hessey, "Ski High" (Lyman Lake)
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