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Books Not Used

These are books that I have reviewed, but not found useful for this project. If you think I've overlooked something, please click here.
ID Author Title Publisher Location Year Library Reviewed Notes
barnes-1905 Barnes, Albert H. From Tacoma to Paradise Park Self-published Tacoma, WA ca. 1905 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/19/2004 Mt Rainier photo book, nothing noteworthy
barnes-1909 Barnes, Albert H. Sights and Scenes from Tacoma to Paradise Park Self-published Tacoma, WA 1909 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/19/2004 Mt Rainier photo book, nothing noteworthy
barnes-1911 Barnes, Albert H. Our Greatest Mountain and Alpine Regions of Wonder Self-published Tacoma, WA ca. 1911 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/19/2004 Mt Rainier photo book, nothing noteworthy
barnes-1921 Barnes, Albert H. Our Greatest Mountain and Alpine Wonders Self-published Tacoma, WA 1921 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/19/2004 Mt Rainier photo book, nothing noteworthy
case-1945 Case, Robert O. and Victoria Last Mountains: The Story of the Cascades Doubleday, Doran & Co. Garden City, NY 1945 LDS LDS, 12/6/2002 Nothing noteworthy
casewit-1972 Casewit, Curtis W. Mountain Troopers! Thomas Y. Crowell Company New York, NY 1972 TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 Skimmed. Little on formation or training of the 10th Mountain Division. Narrative starts at Kiska.
dow-1963 Dow, Edson Passes to the North: History of Wenatchee Mountains Self-published Wenatchee, WA 1963 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/15/2004 Nothing noteworthy
flood-2014 Flood, Chuck Images of America: Sunset Highway Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2014 LDS 4/19/2019 Of little interest for this project
gossett-1979 Gossett, Gretta Petersen Beyond the Bend: A History of the Nile Valley in Washington State Ye Galleon Press Fairfield, WA 1979 UWSpecColl LDS, 12/2/2004 Rambling folklore. Info on Hesseys and skiing in chapter 12 is vague with some errors.
hennig-1981 Hennig, Andy My Friend the Ski Pro Carlton Press New York, NY 1981 TCL-SV LDS, 9/26/2001 Schwartz: "Story of a skiing life that follows from the development of the sport to racing in Europe." (A novel.)
higman-1949 Higman, Harry W. and Earl J. Larrison Pilchuck: The Life of a Mountain Superior Seattle, WA 1949 EvtPL LDS, 7/18/2001 Skimmed, nothing relevant.
hult-1954 Hult, Ruby El The Untamed Olympics Binfords & Mort Portland, OR 1954 KRL LDS, 8/6/2001 Skimmed, nothing relevant.
jchs-2010 Jefferson County Historical Society Images of America: Olympic Mountains Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2010 LDS LDS, 4/29/2019 Of little interest for this project
lang-2000 Lang, Otto Around the World in 90 Years Elton-Wolf Publishing Seattle, WA 2000 unknown LDS, 3/13/2001 Skimmed at book store. A photo book, see A Bird of Passage.
lind-1997 Lind, David and Scott P. Sanders The Physics of Skiing: Skiing at the Triple Point American Institute of Physics Woodbury, NY 1997 Borrowed from Marina Skumanich LDS, 9/30/2001 Lind climbed in the Cascades in the 1940s and skied with Dwight Watson, but this book is not relevant.
majors-1974 Majors, Harry M. North Cascade Archival Resources in Washington State Repositories University of Washington Seattle, WA 1974 UWSpecColl LDS, 10/15/2004 "A preliminary bibliography of unpublished sources documenting the history of the North Cascades." Skimmed, nothing I want to pursue for this project.
martinson-1994 Martinson, Arther D. Wilderness Above the Sound Roberts Rinehart Niwot, CO 1994 KRL LDS, 8/6/2001 Skimmed. Contains a few Asahel Curtis photos of early skiers from WSHS. Other skiing information is available elsewhere.
mcdougall-1976 McDougall, Randy J. Snow Tours in Western Washington, 1976 Signpost Publications Lynnwood, WA 1976 LDS LDS, 4/15/2018 Guidebook for snowshoeing and XC skiing. Largely roads and mellow terrain.
mcnulty-1998 McNulty, Tim Washington's Mt Rainier National Park, A Centenial Celebration The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1998 SPL LDS, 12/3/2001 Fine photos, but historical material is available elsewhere.
moser-1962 Moser, Don The Peninsula: A Story of Olympic Country Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1962 SPL LDS, 10/2/2001 Skimmed, nothing relevant.
orlob-1963 Orlob, Helen Mountain Rescues Thomas Nelson & Sons New York, NY 1963 LDS, borrowed from Matie Daiber, made copy. Also available at SPL. LDS, 11/25/2002 Nothing relevant to ski mountaineering that isn't available in other sources.
peattie-1946 Peattie, Roderick, ed. The Pacific Coast Ranges Vanguard Press New York, NY 1946 LDS LDS, 12/6/2002 Nothing noteworthy
post-1971 Post, Austin and Edward R. LaChapelle Glacier Ice University of Washington Press Seattle, WA 1971 LDS LDS, 1/26/2010 Photos of Mt Olympus glaciers in summer, but none during the winter of the 1957-58 IGY project.
pote-1982 Pote, Winston Mountain Troops Down East Books Camden, ME 1982 Kathleen Long collection LDS, 8/11/2001 Skimmed. Mostly a photo book about Camp Hale. Didn't find much of interest.
sceva-1975 Sceva, Paul H. Recollections by the Old Man of the Mountain Self-published Tacoma, WA 1975 TPL LDS, 8/16/2001 Author was general manager of Rainier National Park Company. Skimmed. Didn't find much of interest.
schmoe-1999 Schmoe, Floyd W. A Year In Paradise The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1999 LDS LDS, 12/29/2002 Mentions skiing on pp. 48, 60. Otherwise, nothing noteworthy.
spring-1951 Spring, Bob and Ira High Adventure Superior Seattle, WA 1951 LDS LDS, 4/17/2001 Classic photos, but no ski mountaineering info.
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