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Free Snow Magazine, 1992-1996

I'm missing a few Free Snow issues. If you have any of the issues listed here that I could borrow, please click here. I believe Spring/Summer 1996 was the last issue published. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Date Library Reviewed Notes
freesnow-1992-aut Free Snow Fall 1992 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Premiere issue.
Reference: Autumn skiing by Steve Barnett.
[digital file]
freesnow-1993-win Free Snow Winter 1993 LDS, partial issue LDS, 8/25/2004 Nothing noteworthy.
(Missing: Seems to have been misplaced in my files.)
freesnow-1993-spr Free Snow Spring 1993 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Garibaldi, "Silver Skis"
Wilson, "That's STEEP"
[digital file]
freesnow-1993-sum Free Snow Summer 1993 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Reference: Year-round skiing
freesnow-1993-aut Free Snow Fall 1993 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Wilson, "Huts in High Places", and more
Reference: Snowboarding Mt Rainier by Dan McHale
freesnow-1994-win Free Snow Winter 1994 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Geiger, "The Man Behind the Number" (Mark Moore)
Reference: Avalanche stories (most outside Washington)
freesnow-1994-spr Free Snow Spring 1994 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Reference: John Clarke interview by John Garibaldi
Reference: The Telemark Party (Suze Woolf et al)
freesnow-1994-aut Free Snow Fall 1994 LDS LDS, 11/11/2013 Nothing noteworthy.
[digital file]
freesnow-1995-win Free Snow Winter 1995 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Simmons, "Wilderness Technology"
Reference: Mt Shuksan summit ski by Brian Povolny
freesnow-1995-spr Free Snow Spring 1995 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Laine, "Dressed to Thrill" (Mt St Helens)
Plus nordic-alpine convergence
freesnow-1995-aut Free Snow Fall 1995 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Thomson, "In the line of duty" (snow surveyors)
Reference: Mt Stuart Ulrich's Couloir by Brian Povolny
freesnow-1996-win Free Snow Winter 1996 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Reference: Paul Parker profile by Drew Simmons
freesnow-1996-spr Free Snow Spr/Sum 1996 LDS LDS, 8/26/2004 Thomson, "The Mt Rainier Volunteer Ski Patrol"
Reference: Lowell Skoog interview by John Garibaldi
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