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References Sought

These are sources I have not been able to find, sorted by date. For some, I don't have complete citations. If you have any of these that I could borrow and return, please click here. For references that I've found, click here.

Books Sought
Author Title Notes
Cram, Bob You Know You're an Ancient Skier If... Cartoons

Articles Sought
Publication Date Article Notes
Nordic Skiing March 1977 Edward R. Baldwin, "Deep Powder" Telemark skiing
Cross Country October 1981 Charles Meyers, "Telemarking!" -
Cross Country October 1981 Steve Barnett, "It's gone too far" Telemark revolution
Cross Country November 1981 Wayne Hanson, "Cross Country Downhill" -
Outside December 1984 Peter Shelton, "Natural Techniques" Telemark skiing
Powder Magazine February 1985 Art Burrows, "A Racing Renaissance" Telemark skiing

Movies and Tapes Sought
Producer or Director Title Production Company Location Date Notes
Fanck, Arnold A Fox Hunt through the Engadine (a.k.a. The Chase) UFA Freiburg, Germany 1921 Early "Ski Chase" film starring Hannes Schneider fueled the European ski boom in the 1920s.
10th Mountain Division 10th Songs Tape National Association of the 10th Mountain Division ? ? Recordings of seven old favorites. The 10th association had sold them all out, last I checked.
Brower, David Skis to the Sky-Land Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1946 Introduction to ski mountaineering.

People Sought
Name Why Notes
Robert Hayes Ski pioneer in 1930s, photographer Deceased. Relatives unknown.
Ben Thompson Ski pioneer in 1930s, guide, A&T co-founder, 10th Mountain veteran Deceased. Relatives unknown.

Periodicals Sought
Title Volume/Number Date Notes
Free Snow - Winter 1993
Summer 1994
Summer 1995
See references for a list of Free Snow magazines that I have.
Powder Volume 8 forward 1980 forward Jake Moe's collection ends in 1980. I really don't want to review them all, but I know there are some relevant articles.
Sports Northwest Volumes 1-5 1982-86 I've found almost no issues from the first five years of publication.
Sports Northwest Volume 8, #1-4, 9, 11 1989: Feb-May, Oct, Dec Missing from Jake Moe's collection
Sports Northwest Vol 9, #6 1990: Jul Missing from Jake Moe's collection
Sports Northwest Volume 10, #1, 2 1991: Feb, Mar Missing from Jake Moe's collection

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