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These are feature articles with bylines, sorted by date. Minor articles and articles without bylines are listed in clippings files (see Manuscripts and Special Collections). If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

Review priority: yellow, high; white, neutral; green, see pre-pub notes; blue, complete.

ID Publication Date Article Reviewed Notes
spi-1953-apr-1-p9 Seattle P-I April 1, 1953 E.P. Chalcraft, "Wolf Bauer Pioneer In Survival Methods" LDS, 12/19/2004 Reference: Mountain rescue
spi-1955-mar-16-p23 Seattle P-I March 3, 1955 Mike Donohoe, "1st Silver Skis Race Proved Wild and Woolly on Rainier" LDS, 11/19/2002 Twenty years after
spi-1966-mar-13-mag12 Seattle P-I (Northwest Today) March 13, 1966 Bob Grant and James Whittaker, "Stake of the Skiers in Northern Cascades" LDS, 8/27/2004 Ski area development versus park, Mt Hinman proposal
spi-1967-dec-24-mag14 Seattle P-I (Northwest Today) December 24, 1967 Harvey Manning, "Are Skiers Ruining Our Wilderness?" LDS, 1/10/2020 National parks and ski development
spi-1971-jan-28-p7 Seattle P-I January 28, 1971 Gordy Holt, "Avalanche Danger at Yodelin Known" LDS, 5/18/2020 Ed LaChapelle warnings courtesy of Roland Emetaz [digital file]
spi-1971-feb-14-mag4 Seattle P-I (Northwest Today) February 14, 1971 Gordy Holt, "History Repeats Itself On the Avalanche Slopes of the Cascades" LDS, 8/27/2004 Wellington and Yodelin
spi-1973-dec-02-mag8 Seattle P-I (Northwest Magazine) December 2, 1973 Gene Rose, "Skiing: Early Days on Cascade Slopes" LDS, 11/19/2002 Short but good summary through WWII
spi-1980-jun-08-p1 Seattle P-I June 8, 1980 Wayne Jacobi, "Skiing Down Mt. Rainier" LDS, 4/19/2004 Liberty Ridge 1st ski descent
spi-1987-jan-22-B6 Seattle P-I January 22, 1987 Greg Johnston, "Ranger on the Ridge" LDS, 8/27/2004 Jack Hughes
spi-1994-apr-18-D1 Seattle P-I April 18, 1994 Greg Johnston, "Silver Mettle" LDS, 11/19/2002 60-year anniversary of 1st Silver Skis race
spi-1997-oct-14-E1 Seattle P-I October 14, 1997 Ellis E. Conklin, "The Searcher" LDS, 9/29/2004 Reference: Jack Hughes, rescue work and background
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