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These are generally feature articles with bylines, sorted by date. Minor articles and articles without bylines are listed in clippings files (see Manuscripts and Special Collections). If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

Review priority: yellow, high; white, neutral; green, see pre-pub notes; blue, complete.

ID Publication Date Article Reviewed Notes
st-1918-apr-28-p16 Seattle Times April 28, 1918 "Many Scandinavian Girls Find Home At The Lyng" LDS, 11/28/2014 Includes photo of Olga Bolstad holding her 1917 ski jumping trophy. [digital file]
st-1930-feb-09-p24 Seattle Times February 9, 1930 "Ski Jumpers to Dare Long Slide at Snoqualmie Pass Today" - First Seattle Ski Club tournament at Beaver Lake. (I also have results from February 10 and 11 issues.) [digital files]
st-1930-mar-12-p19 Seattle Times March 13, 1930 "Women Can Ski As Expertly As Men" LDS, 1/5/2014 Mrs. Stuart P. Walsh skis the Mountaineers Patrol Race route. [digital file]
st-1932-feb-07-p43 Seattle Times February 7, 1932 Ken Binns, "Wings On Your Feet" - Ski jumping's new technique and events at Leavenworth, Cle Elum, Mt Hood, Snoqualmie [digital file]
st-1933-jul-09-mag2 Seattle Times (Magazine) July 9, 1933 Dr. Walter Mosauer, "Here's Your Real Summer Sport--Skiing!" LDS, 10/30/2002 Describes trip to the Northwest during which he skied Mt Adams
st-1933-aug-13-p5 Seattle Times August 13, 1933 "Conquering Mt Baker on Skis LDS, 3/2/2013 Mt Baker ski summit by Giese and Fraser. [digital file]
st-1933-nov-10-p20 Seattle Times November 10, 1933 Virginia Boren, "Practice Yodeling, For Ski Days Are At Hand" LDS, 3/2/2013 New ski developments for 1933-34 season. [digital file]
st-1933-dec-17-p25 Seattle Times December 17, 1933 Ben Thompson, "Learning to ski? Ben Thompson tells you how in today's Times" - First of 11 ski lessons published in Sunday Seattle Times. Final lesson was published on 2/25/1934. [digital files]
st-1934-feb-3-p7 Seattle Times February 3, 1934 "Skiers ???? Box: Ready For Day in Snow" - Q&A about Snoqualmie Summit ski tournament, which included jumping and first PNSA sanctioned slalom race. I also have results from 2/5/1934 and a photo spread from 2/11/1934. [digital files]
st-1936-feb-22-p1 Seattle Times February 22, 1936 "Two Die in Snoqualmie Slide!" LDS, 8/29/2017 Snoqualmie Pass highway avalanche. [digital file]
st-1936-feb-23-p1 Seattle Times February 23, 1936 "3 Killed; Rescuers Dig Out 50 Buried Alive In Snow" LDS, 8/29/2017 Snoqualmie Pass highway avalanche. [digital file]
st-1936-feb-24-p3 Seattle Times February 24, 1936 "Pass Reopened By Snowplows" LDS, 8/29/2017 Snoqualmie Pass highway avalanche. [digital file]
st-1937-jan-24-rot4 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) January 24, 1937 Orville Borgersen, "Snowtime is Playtime in the Cascades" LDS, 10/30/2002 Action and scenery at Mt Rainier and Mt Baker
st-1939-mar-12-rot4 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) March 12, 1939 Orville Borgersen, "Sculptured in Snow" LDS, 10/30/2002 Mt Baker snow scenes
st-1940-may-12-rot1 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) May 12, 1940 Walter Dyke, "To the Top of Mount Baker" LDS, 10/30/2002 Ski-climb photos
st-1946-apr-07-p9 Seattle Times April 7, 1946 Howard A. Hanson "Pioneer Ski Tournament at Mount Rainier" LDS, 7/14/2003 1922 Fourth of July tournament
st-1947-may-18-mag1 Seattle Times (Magazine) May 18, 1947 Nels Bruseth, "Tall, Little-Known Glacier Peak" LDS, 11/20/2002 Background on the peak and photo of the author on skis
st-1947-sep-14-rot8 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) September 14, 1947 Bob and Ira Spring, "Safe Mountaineering" LDS, 8/31/2004 Reference: Mt Shuksan, Fisher Chimney, gear and techniques. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1948-oct-24-rot1 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) October 24, 1948 Bob and Ira Spring, "On Rainier's Glaciers" LDS, 9/24/2004 Reference: Emmons Glacier climb with Dee and Lee Molenaar and others
st-1951-may-13-rot8 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) May 13, 1951 Bob and Ira Spring, "From Alps to Nisqually Glacier" LDS, 8/31/2004 Ski trip by German exchange student. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1951-aug-5-rot2 Seattle Times (Rotogravure) August 5, 1951 Bob and Ira Spring, "Nisqually Glacier is Climbers' Classroom" LDS, 8/31/2004 Reference: Guides Bil Dunaway, Jim and Lou Whittaker teach glacier travel, safety, and rescue techniques. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1953-feb-22-pic2 Seattle Times (Pictorial) February 22, 1953 Bob and Ira Spring, "Mid-Winter on Mt Rainier, 10,000 Feet Up" LDS, 8/31/2004 Reference: Winter ski trip to Camp Muir, testing insulated garments. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1957-mar-31 Seattle Times (Pictorial) March 31, 1957 Bob and Ira Spring, "Avalanche Ranger" LDS, 5/31/2020 Frank Foto and Elroy Burnett avalanche studies at Stevens Pass. Filed with Spring photos in Pictorials folder. [digital file]
st-1957-oct-27-pic4 Seattle Times (Pictorial) October 27, 1957 Bob and Ira Spring, "Adventurous Scientists Prepare for Winter on Blue Glacier" LDS, 8/31/2004 Mt Olympus IGY. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1957-dec-29-pic4 Seattle Times (Pictorial) December 29, 1957 Bob and Ira Spring, "Mountains Don't Care" LDS, 8/31/2004 MRC safety film. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1958-jan-19-mag2 Seattle Times (Magazine) January 19, 1958 Dolly Connelly, "Remarkable Mt. Baker Book" LDS, 11/20/2002 Reference: Charles F. Easton scrapbook
st-1958-jan-26-pic4 Seattle Times (Pictorial) January 26, 1958 Bob and Ira Spring, "Winter on Olympus" LDS, 8/31/2004 Mt Olympus IGY sequel. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1958-apr-13-pic4 Seattle Times (Pictorial) April 13, 1958 Bob and Ira Spring, "Skiers Climb Black Buttes" LDS, 8/31/2004 Ski mountaineering ascent of middle peak. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1959-apr-5-pic12 Seattle Times (Pictorial) April 5, 1959 Bob and Ira Spring, "Boston Basin Ski Tour" LDS, 8/31/2004 Spring ski camp in Sahale-Boston area. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1959-nov-29-pic9 Seattle Times (Pictorial) November 29, 1959 Dolly Connelly, "New Playground for 1960: Mount Baker's South Side" LDS, 9/1/2004 New roads opening, Forest Service "multiple use"
st-1960-jan-10-pic18 Seattle Times (Pictorial) January 10, 1960 Patricia Spring, "Wintertime Camping for the Whole Family." Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder. LDS, 8/31/2004 Reference: Ski camping with kids, photos by Bob and Ira Spring
st-1960-mar-27-pic14 Seattle Times (Pictorial) March 27, 1960 Stella Degenhardt, "Sky-High Ski Trip" LDS, 8/31/2004 Glacier Peak ski-plane trip, photos by Bob and Ira Spring. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1960-jul-10-mag8 Seattle Times (Magazine) July 10, 1960 Dolly Connelly, "Indians, Miners, Stockmen Blazed the Way" LDS, 9/1/2004 North cross-state highway
st-1962-sep-23-mag11 Seattle Times (Magazine) September 23, 1962 Katherine Wernex, "Chinook Pass, Too, Had Its Gold Rush" LDS, 10/30/2002 Mining around Gold Hill and Crystal Mountain
st-1962-nov-4-mag12 Seattle Times (Magazine) November 4, 1962 Nancy Scott Freeborn, "There's No Business Like Snow Business!" LDS, 9/1/2004 Ski boom
st-1965-dec-19-pic6 Seattle Times (Pictorial) December 19, 1965 Richard Johnston, "Mt Pilchuck Ski Area--It Grows by Degrees" LDS, 8/31/2004 Photos by Bob and Ira Spring. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1966-dec-25-mag10 Seattle Times (Magazine) December 25, 1966 Ada Lou Wheeler, "Seattle Firm Helped Put the Area On Skis" LDS, 11/19/2002 A&T Ski Company
st-1968-mar-17-pic14 Seattle Times (Pictorical) March 17, 1968 Josef Scaylea, "They're Flipping Over Alpental" LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference: Spring skiing, Rene Moser and Hans Weismuller
st-1968-oct-20-mag10 Seattle Times (Magazine) Oct 20, 1968 Dolly Connelly, "The Mount Baker Marathon" LDS, 11/20/2002 Reference: Mt Baker marathons
st-1969-feb-23-pic4 Seattle Times (Pictorial) February 23, 1969 Bob and Ira Spring, "Mt Baker's Growing Ski Facilities" LDS, 5/21/2020 Includes photo of Terry Norr, snow ranger, loading recoilless rifle. Filed with Spring photos in Pictorials folder. [digital file]
st-1969-mar-16-mag14 Seattle Times (Magazine) March 16, 1969 William R. Halliday, "The Forgotten Father of North Cascades National Park" LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference: 1906 park proposal by Julian E. Itter
st-1970-apr-5-pic18 Seattle Times (Pictorial) April 5, 1970 Bob and Ira Spring, "Scouting a Ski Site" LDS, 8/31/2004 Mt Cashmere. Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder.
st-1974-mar-17-pic Seattle Times (Pictorial) March 17, 1974 Will Muller, "Winter duty for rangers" LDS, 9/1/2004 Olympic National Park, Jack Hughes
st-1975-mar-2-pic Seattle Times (Pictorial) March 2, 1975 Bob and Ira Spring, "Cross-country skiing comes into its own." Filed in "Ira Spring Pictorials" binder. LDS, 8/31/2004 Hyak opens 1st cross country trails in Washington
st-1987-aug-28-D1 Seattle Times Aug 28, 1987 Sherry Stripling, "Downhill Pioneers" LDS, 11/20/2002 Reference: Ancient Skiers fourth reunion, fifty years of skiing
st-1996-mar-7 Seattle Times March 7, 1996 Carole Beers, "Dwight Watson, devoted to God" LDS, 12/4/2009 Obituary
st-2000-nov-15-mag12 Seattle Times (NW Weekend?) November 15, 2000 Chris Solomon, "Forbidden Foray" LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference: Forbidden Tour guided by Martin Volken and Shane Wilder
st-2002-jan-31-nw6 Seattle Times (NW Weekend) January 31, 2002 Sherry Stripling, "Skiing, mom-and-pop style" LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference: Hurricane Ridge ski area
st-2004-oct-2-B1 Seattle Times October 2, 2004 Sherry Stripling, "Celebrating a wild history" LDS, 10/2/2004 Reference: Jack Hughes
st-2005-dec-18-mag36 Seattle Times (PNW Magazine) December 18, 2005 Richard Seven, "Otto Lang: Reached many a peak on skis" LDS, 2/18/2006 Reference: Includes two fine photos
st-2006-may-13-A1 Seattle Times May 13, 2006 Sara Jean Green, "Historic Mountaineer Lodge at Snoqualmie Pass burns to the ground" LDS, 5/21/2006 Reference: May 12, 2006 fire destroyed lodge
st-2008-may-9-B2 Seattle Times May 9, 2008 Matthew Daly, "President signs Wild Sky bill" LDS, 6/10/2008 Reference: Wild Sky wilderness area designated
st-2009-may-20-A1 Seattle Times May 20, 2009 Lynda V. Mapes, "'Parents' want park to grow" LDS, 6/30/2009 Reference: NCCC campaign to expand NCNP boundaries
st-2012-feb-21-A1 Seattle Times February 21, 2012 Craig Welch, "Deaths reflect skiing's 'trending' obsession" LDS, 2/25/2012 Reference: Four avalanche deaths on 2/19/2012, Washington sidecountry skiers
st-2016-mar-30-B1 Seattle Times March 30, 2016 Cantwell, Brian J., "Mountaineers sell Snoqualmie Pass site" LDS, 4/11/2016 Mountaineers Snoqualmie Lodge property sold
st-2017-apr-28-B1 Seattle Times April 18, 2017 Bush, Evan, "Mount St. Helens ascent with kite, snowboard takes 35 minutes" - Power (aka traction) kite
st-2017-jun-16-A1 Seattle Times June 16, 2017 Bush, Evan, "Snoqualmie Pass to Canada in 24 Days -- On Skis" - Trevor Kostanich and Forest McBrian
st-2017-nov-12-mag13 Seattle Times (PacificNW Magazine) November 12, 2017 Bush, Evan, "Peaks and Valleys" - Profile of Lowell Skoog
st-2020-dec-9 Seattle Times December 9, 2020 Scruggs, Gregory, "A pandemic winter foretells a backcountry skiing boom, but it's not a sport to take lightly" - Rush of new backcountry skiers [digital file]
st-2021-jan-8 Seattle Times January 8, 2021 Scruggs, Gregory, "In pursuit of endless winter, Irene Henninger becomes the Northwest Avalanche Center's newest forecaster" - First female NWAC forecaster [digital file]
st-2021-feb-21 Seattle Times February 21, 2021 Scruggs, Gregory, "Overcrowding, no parking, long waits: Western Washington's snow accessibility issues were exposed in this COVID-19 winter" - Only seven major snow access points [digital file]
st-2022-jan-30 Seattle Times January 30, 2022 Scruggs, Gregory, "Competitive ski mountaineering is growing in the Cascades ahead of its 2026 Olympics debut" - Richard Kresser and SnowGoat Skimo races [digital file]
st-2022-dec-11-E14 Seattle Times December 11, 2022 Scruggs, Gregory, "Washington's role in snowboarding history" - Dave Moffett (Snoqualmie Summit) connection
st-2022-dec-11-E18 Seattle Times December 11, 2022 Scruggs, Gregory, "Highway 20 is a winter hot spot for snowmobiling, backcountry skiing - Various beans spilled
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