Paragliding - Just for fun
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Tandem launch Tandem launch
Tiger Mtn

Tandem flying Tandem flying
Tiger Mtn

Ski launch Ski launch
Crystal Mountain

Ski flying Ski flying
Crystal Mountain

Costume fly-in Women's fly-in,
Saddle Mountain

Santa Claus on skis Santa Claus flies
Crystal Mountain

Blackcomb fly-in Blackcomb
costume fly-in

Para-motoring Para-motoring
Hay Canyon

Trick photography Overhead view
Tiger Mtn

A paraglider has been described as pocket aeroplane that flies at the speed of a bicycle. With such a relatively slow, docile craft, pilots have found many ways to have fun with paragliders. Tandem and costumed flying, para-skiing and para-motoring, and in-flight photography are a few of them.
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