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North Cascades Conservation Council Newsletters, 2000-09
A complete run of NCCC newsletters is available at UWSpecColl.

The Wild Cascades, Spring 2004

p. 4, "Selections from the pages of our proposed book: Conflict and Crisis"

Harvey Manning's manuscript, Crisis and Conflict, is at last near publication. This excerpt touches on the early history of the North Cascades, from the surveys of Henry Custer in 1859 through the first park proposals in 1906. In 1937 and 1940, Grant McConnell of the Wy'east club of Oregon came up Lake Chelan to climb. After his release from the Navy, he came to Stehekin with his wife Jane in December 1945, intending to remain until his discharge pay ran out. They stayed three years. The author discusses the growing concern of The Mountaineers about the future of the Glacier Peak region and the day in 1955 when Polly Dyer and Phil and Laura Zalesky met Jane McConnell and Rick Mack in Stehekin, bringing eastside and westside conservationists together for the first time.

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