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North Cascades Conservation Council Newsletters, 1957-68

I reviewed all newsletters from August 1957 through establishment of the North Cascades National Park in 1968. (These are available, with an index from April 1960 through January 1968, at UWSpecColl.) Later issues likely include much about the 1976 Alpine Lakes Wilderness Act, the 1984 Washington Wilderness Act, and other issues. I decided to stop at 1968 for now. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
nccc-1957-aug NCCC News, 1:1 Aug 1957 LDS, 12/6/2004 NCCC founded
nccc-1957-nov NCCC News, 1:4 Nov 1957 LDS, 12/6/2004 Hessey, "Consideration"
nccc-1958-may NCCC News, 2:5 May 1958 LDS, 12/6/2004 Ballingerism
nccc-1958-nov NCCC News, 2:11 Nov 1958 LDS, 12/6/2004 Wilderness Society meeting at Stehekin
nccc-1959-feb NCCC News, 3:2 Feb 1959 LDS, 12/6/2004 USFS Glacier Peak Wilderness proposal
nccc-1959-aug NCCC News, 3:8 Aug 1959 LDS, 12/6/2004 Reference: Review of Sand County Almanac
nccc-1959-nov NCCC News, 3:11 Nov 1959 LDS, 12/6/2004 Bellingham hearings on USFS Glacier Peak proposal
nccc-1959-dec NCCC News, 3:12 Dec 1959 LDS, 12/6/2004 Wenatchee hearings on USFS Glacier Peak proposal
nccc-1960-sep NCCC News, 4:9 Sep 1960 LDS, 12/6/2004 Glacier Peak Wilderness established
nccc-1961-jun The Wild Cascades Jun 1961 LDS, 12/6/2004 Hessey, "Skeleton at the Feast"
nccc-1963-feb The Wild Cascades Feb 1963 LDS, 12/6/2004 1937 Ice Peaks National Park proposal
nccc-1963-spr The Wild Cascades Spring 1963 LDS, 12/6/2004 NCCC proposal for North Cascades National Park
nccc-1963-oct The Wild Cascades Oct-Nov 1963 LDS, 12/6/2004 North Cascades Study Team hearings
nccc-1964-aug The Wild Cascades Aug-Sep 1964 LDS, 12/7/2004 KING-TV, "Wind in the Wilderness"
nccc-1965-feb The Wild Cascades Feb-Mar 1965 LDS, 12/7/2004 Eldorado Peaks recreation area
nccc-1965-apr The Wild Cascades Apr-May 1965 LDS, 12/7/2004 Eldorado Peaks so-called recreation area
nccc-1965-jun The Wild Cascades Jun-Jul 1965 LDS, 12/7/2004 Reference: Seattle Times series by Walt Woodward
nccc-1966-feb The Wild Cascades Feb-Mar 1966 LDS, 12/7/2004 North Cascades Study Team report
nccc-1966-oct The Wild Cascades Oct-Nov 1966 LDS, 12/7/2004 Outdoors Unlimited and Les Braynes
nccc-1966-apr The Wild Cascades Apr-May 1966 LDS, 12/7/2004 McConnell, "P.R. in the Forests"
nccc-1967-jan The Wild Cascades Dec-Jan 1967 LDS, 12/7/2004 Kennecott open-pit mine on Miners Ridge
nccc-1967-feb The Wild Cascades Feb-Mar 1967 LDS, 12/7/2004 Snowmobiles, newest winter sports craze
nccc-1967-oct The Wild Cascades Oct-Nov 1967 LDS, 12/7/2004 More on Outdoors Unlimited
nccc-1968-feb The Wild Cascades Feb-Mar 1968 LDS, 12/7/2004 House Interior Committe hearings
nccc-1968-apr The Wild Cascades Apr-May 1968 LDS, 12/7/2004 La Bohn Gap mining road; miners and skiers
nccc-1968-jun The Wild Cascades Jun-Jul 1968 LDS, 12/7/2004 North Cascades bill passed by Congress
nccc-1968-aug The Wild Cascades Aug-Sep 1968 LDS, 12/7/2004 North Cascades bill signed by President Johnson
nccc-1969-jan The Wild Cascades Jan-Mar 1969 LDS, 12/7/2004 Last issue reviewed
My personal newsletter collection runs from February 1993 (when I became an NCCC member) to the present. I have included a few references from those issues. The ID column below has links to review notes.
ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
nccc-1993-feb The Wild Cascades Feb 1993 LDS, 12/8/2004 First issue reviewed
nccc-1993-oct The Wild Cascades Oct 1993 LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: 25 years, North Cascades National Park
Reference: NCCC action timeline, 1957-93
nccc-1998-spr The Wild Cascades Spring 1998 LDS, 12/7/2004 Grant and Jane McConnell
nccc-2000-win The Wild Cascades Winter 1999-2000 LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: Snowmobiles in Chewuck valley
nccc-2000-spr The Wild Cascades Sprign 2000 LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: Manning, "Ptripping after the Ptarmigans"
Reference: Fee-Demo program
nccc-2000-sum The Wild Cascades Summer-Fall 2000 LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: Fee-Demo program (more in later issues)
nccc-2002-sum The Wild Cascades Summer-Fall 2002 LDS, 12/8/2004 Reference: Snowmobiles in Alpine Lakes Wilderness
nccc-2004-spr The Wild Cascades Spring 2004 LDS, 12/7/2004 Selections from Manning, Conflict and Crisis
Reference: Skoog, "The Ptarmigan Traverse--Then and Now"
Last issue reviewed
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