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Photographic Collections

These are some of the photographic collections I'm aware of, either through personal communication or through contact with libraries or other archives. The Collection column contains links to review notes. I've acquired copies from collections shown in blue.

Photographic Collections in Libraries and Museums

Collection Location Reviewed Notes
Mt Baker Club collection CPNWS LDS, 8/7/2002 Skiers around Heather Meadows in the early 1930s.
Curtis, Asahel collection WSHS LDS, 8/16/2001 A few photos of skiers in the 1910s and 1920s.
Denver Public Library, Western History Collection DPL-WHG LDS, 9/16/2001 The 10th Mountain Division Resource Center has many photos of mountain troop training activities in the Northwest by John Woodward, Charles Bradley, and others.
Dickert, O. Phillip MHC LDS, 1/31/2009 Photos of skiers near Snoqualmie Lodge in 1920s and 1930s. Also photos of early Cascade climbs made by Dickert and other Mountaineers.
Gabriel, Peter collection NESM LDS, 1/8/2010 Scrapbooks containing a few pictures of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment training on Mt Rainier in 1942. Jeff Leich of NESM sent me photocopies for review.
Hessey, Charles Jr. MHC LDS, 7/23/2002 Slides and movies taken throughout the Washington Cascades.
Mountaineers collection UWSpecColl, no. 341 LDS, 8/20/2001 Over 16,000 images of early climbing and skiing.
National Archives, Still Pictures NARA-MD LDS, 12/9/2009 The National Archives at College Park, Maryland have Army Signal Corps photos from WWII. In November 2009 they searched for mountain troop photos from Mt Rainier in 1941-42. They sent me photocopies of 9 photos of the 15th Infantry ski patrol (added to my files). The photos mostly show soldiers standing at attention and are not very interesting. The NARA cover letter said they also found about 45 images of the 87th Regiment in Kiska and Italy. These may be worth evaluating.
Nordic Heritage Museum NHM LDS, 9/24/2005 The museum has at least one fine photo of a skier (L.C. Twito) in Seattle during the big snow of February 1916.
Olympic National Park archives ONP LDS, 7/26/2001 Photos of Deer Park ski area. (I have several samples filed with my bound photocopies.)
Oregon Historical Society OHS - OHS has a Hjalmar Hvam photo collection, including 1931 Mt Hood ski ascent shots.
Mt Rainier National Park archives MRNP LDS, 7/30/2001, 1/7/2010 Thousands of photos of all aspects of park operations. Most ski photos date from the 1930s. Some ski troop photos. (Note: As of October 2010 the MRNP photo collection is being reprocessed and is not accessible. The reprocessing project may be completed by summer 2011. Until then, access is limited to older scans only--a small subset of the collection).
Seattle P-I collection MOHAI LDS, 8/15/2001 Includes Silver Skis photographs.
Shafer Historical Museum SHM LDS, 6/3/2006 The Shafer Museum has a few photos of trappers on skis in the Harts Pass area in the 1920s-30s as well as local Methow Valley recreational skiers.
Streeter, Lillian collection WSHS LDS, 8/16/2001 Photos from Mountaineers winter outing (the first based at Paradise) in 1916-17.
Tacoma Public Library TPL LDS, 1/5/2010 The Tacoma library has photos of early skiing, many can be browsed on the TPL website. I haven't reviewed the collection in person.
University of Washington UWSpecColl LDS, 10/15/2004 Images from several collections.
Watson, R. Duke MHC LDS, 9/5/2005 Photos of mountain troop activities during WWII as well as Duke's later skiing and mountaineering in Washington and Canada. Duke's canoeing photos have been donated to UWSpecColl.
Watson, Dwight collection UWSpecColl, no. 165 LDS, 7/10/2001 Over 3000 images, including some by Herman Ulrichs, Ray Atkeson and L.D. Lindsley.
Watson, Dwight "shoebox" collection MHC LDS, 5/31/2001 Some fine 3"x4" ski photos and negatives.
Wenatchee Valley Museum WVM LDS, 8/1/2001 Images of early skiing around Wenatchee and Stevens Pass.
Western Ski Promotions photo collection UWSpecColl, PH2015-015 LDS, 10/15/2018 Various print photographs donated by the Ian and Joan Brown family to UW in 2015. Also see this collection.
Whatcom Museum of History and Art archives WMHA LDS, 7/20/2001 Many images of Mt Baker area by Bert Huntoon, and more.
Yakima Valley Regional Library YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Some photos from Yakima Herald-Republic.

Privately Held Photographic Collections

Collection Location Reviewed Notes Permission
Atkeson, Ray image archive Portland, OR LDS, 4/12/2001 About 10,000 images. Many fine photos of Mt Baker skiing. -
Barnett, Steve Ferndale, WA - Photos from early days of telemark renaissance in the Northwest (1970s-80s) and ski trips throughout the U.S. -
Bauer, Wolf Vashon, WA LDS, 4/9/2001 Photos of early mountain rescue activities, some photos of early skiing and climbing. I made copies of a few of these. Have permission form signed by Wolf Bauer.
Bisgaard, Gary Phoenix, AZ LDS, 11/15/2009 Gary and his parents have photographs of his grandfather, Thor Bisgaard when he lived in the Northwest in the 1910s. Gary sent me scans of them on a CD-ROM. Have e-mail permission from Gary Bisgaard.
Borgersen, Mel Seattle, WA LDS, 2/23/2010 As of Nov 2009, Mel's photos and notes are held by children Ann and Rolf Borgersen. In Feb 2010, I reviewed the materials held by Rolf. There were just a few photos, but a large colletion of clippings and ephemera. I borrowed and copied some of these. -
Borgersen, Orville Whidbey Island, WA - Dan Brown contacted me in 2008 regarding Orville Borgersen's negatives. Some negatives were damaged in storage and discarded years ago. Dan's sister is married to Orville's son Leif Borgersen. (As of Nov 2009, I'm not sure who has Orville's pictures, whether it is Dan or Leif.) -
Brown, Ian and Joan (Western Ski Promotions) Seattle, WA (held by Lowell Skoog) LDS, 10/10/2018 Photographs published in Northwest Skier magazine. Photos taken during ski shows held in the Northwest during the 1950s-80s. Rob Brown, son of Ian and Joan, gave this collection to Lowell Skoog in 2011. (Also see this collection.) Some photos have credits noted. No specific permissions have been obtained for credited photographs.
Broze, Matt Seattle, WA LDS, 6/18/2001 Matt C. Broze sent me scans of a few of his father's photos (Matt V. Broze). -
Brunt, Gary Seattle, WA - Gary Brunt's aunt was Veida Morrow. Gary has photos of her skiing and touring. (Tip: Steve Stroming email) -
Campbell, Clarence E. (Buster) Bosque Farms, NM LDS, 12/29/2001 Buster sent me a few photos from the 10th Mountain Division, which I copied and returned. Have permission form signed by Buster Campbell.
Daiber, Ome Bothell, WA LDS, 7/17/2001 Photos held by Matie Daiber at the time I interviewed her. -
Degenhardt, Stella Issaquah, WA LDS, 4/27/2001 Stella has her husband Bill's slides as well has her own B&W and color photos. I borrowed and copied a few of these. Have permission form signed by Stella Degenhardt.
Eskenazi, Ralph Seattle, WA LDS, 3/23/2001 At our March 23, 2001 meeting, Ralph gave me two pictures of Dwight Watson, one on skis (looking away from the camera) and one at a picnic table, in summer. -
Firey, Joe and Carla Seattle, WA - Photographs and paintings of skiing and mountaineering from 1960s onward. (I have a few copies.) -
Giese, Hans Otto Seattle, WA LDS, 12/12/2009 H.O. Giese family albums held by Peter Giese. Unnumbered album covers 1923-32. Albums #9-11 cover 1935-44. Have permission form signed by Peter Giese.
Gourlie, Melvin East Wenatchee, WA LDS, 9/11/2001 Photos of the life near Windy Pass in summer and winter, 1936-41. I made copies of selected photos. Photos are now held by daughter Duana Adams. Have permission form signed by Mel Gourlie.
Hallman, Richard Portland, OR - Fine recent photos of "big mountain skiing" on Mt Hood. Asit Rathod sent me a few examples in November 2009. -
Hawkins, Jim La Jolla, CA - Jim has pictures of winter ski trips on Mt Olympus during the 1957-78 IGY research project. -
Hummel, Jason Tacoma, WA - Large collection of photos from 1990s forward. Photos include scenics, steep skiing, and general ski mountaineering. Jason is willing to let me use his photos for this project.
Kieler, Jens Seattle, WA - Jens has slides of skiing on Mt Rainier on May 18, 1980 -
Kirschner, Chuck Union, WA LDS, 6/21/2001 A small number of B&W photographs of ski trips which I viewed when I met Chuck. -
Knudson, Dave Seattle, WA - Fine B&W and color photographs of Cascades and B.C. Coast Mountains from the period 1970-2000, held by Joe and Carla Firey. I made copies of selected photos. Have permission form signed by Carla Firey.
LaChapelle, Ed Silverton, CO - Ed has many 2x2 B&W negatives, particularly from the 1957-58 Mt Olympus IGY research project. He also has many Kodachromes. In December 2005, Ed sent me six digital prints (on paper) of slides that he scanned at home. These depict skiers on the glaciers of Olympus, Bill Fairchild's airplane, and Ira Spring with his camera. Following Ed's death, his photos were transferred to the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies in Silverton, CO. -
Larson, Erick Freeland, WA LDS, 10/13/2001 A small number of B&W photographs of ski trips which I viewed when I met Erick. -
Lyon, Tom Ellensburg, WA - Tom has 35mm slides of ski trips with the Hesseys in the 1950s. -
Robinson, Lon Seattle, WA - At our February 6, 2007 meeting, Lon gave me several pictures (and photocopies of pictures) of skiing in the 1930s, mostly at Mt Rainier. -
Rose, Gary Seattle, WA LDS, 1/20/2010 35mm slides of Cascades and B.C. Coast Mountains from late 1950s through 1980s. Have permission form signed by Gary Rose.
Shorrock, Paul and Gertrude Snohomish, WA - Mac Bates in Snohomish has several albums given to him by Gertrude, including skiing photos. -
Skoog, Lowell Seattle, WA - Over 20,000 color slides plus digital photos. Also over 100,000 color slides taken by brother Carl Skoog. -
Seattle Times collection Seattle Times Company
Seattle, WA
- The Times has a photo archive going back to around 1930. You need to know the date of the photo in order to locate it. (Note: Failed requests since 2009 suggest that the Times may have lost the ability to find photos in its collection.) -
Spring, Ira Edmonds, WA - Professional photographer, many fine ski mountaineering photos from 1940s through 1960s and beyond. Photos are now held by the Spring Trust for Trails, administered by children John and Vicki Spring. -
Stevens Pass ski area Stevens Pass, WA - According to Chester Marler, Stevens Pass has a series of old photos, including "some great ones of skiers touring on Cowboy Mtn and Tye-Mill Pass before the ski area was started." They also have a fine photo of Walt Anderson with skis and wearing furs. Chester says he has a photo of Dale Allen at home. -
Stingl, Karl Edmonds, WA LDS, 8/24/2005 Photos of family in Czechoslovakia, Flapjack Lakes, Olympian Hill, some ski jumping. Karl donated Hurricane Ridge photos to Olympic ski club in Port Angeles. At the November 8, 2005 meeting of the local 10th Mountain Division chapter, Karl gave me two small photos of a cross-country race near Snoqualmie Pass. One photo is of Sigurd Hall, the other of Olav Ulland. -
Thompson, Will Bothell, WA LDS, 9/18/2001 Will has some fine aerial photos of the North Cascades, especially the area around Eldorado Peak, taken in February 1971. -
Trott, Otto Seattle, WA - Otto had a large photo collection. It is now held by his son-in-law, Nicholas Corff. -
Welsh, Chuck Seattle, WA LDS, 9/1/2009 A few B&W photos of Chuck and friends skiing or mountaineering in the 1940s and 1950s. Have permission form signed by Chuck Welsh.
Wicklund, Scott Leavenworth, WA - Scott has a few so-so photos from his first ski descent of Mt Stuart, but many excellent photos of skiing Stuart from later trips. -
Woods, Wilfred Wenatchee, WA LDS, 12/3/2007 Wilfred has Wenatchee Ski Club scrapbooks with photos of Stevens Pass skiing in the late 1930s. He also has access to photos made by his cousin Robert Woods. I borrowed and made copies of several photos. Have permission form signed by Wilfred Woods.
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