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These are generally feature articles with bylines, sorted by date. Minor articles and articles without bylines are listed in clippings files (see Manuscripts and Special Collections). If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

Review priority: yellow, high; white, neutral; green, see pre-pub notes; blue, complete.

ID Publication Date Article Reviewed Notes
tnt-1937-feb-20 Tacoma News Tribune February 20, 1937 Judith Wales, "Slap On a Pair of Barrel Staves--Learn To Ski" LDS, 11/20/2002 Reference: Why ski, gear, where to go, history
tnt-1942-mar-29 Tacoma News Tribune March 29, 1942 Stuart Welch, "Train New Fighting Force on Snowy Peak" LDS, 2/19/2003 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, Mt Rainier
tnt-1947-jan-5 Tacoma News Tribune January 5, 1947 Howard Clifford, "Mt Rainier Biggest Magnet for N.W. Skiers" LDS, 8/27/2004 Ski area survey
tnt-1948-feb-17-8D Tacoma News Tribune February 17, 1948 Howard Clifford, "Skiing a Multi-Million Dollar Business in Washington Today" LDS, 8/27/2004 Ski area survey
tnt-1954-sep-12-p3 Tacoma News Tribune September 12, 1954 Ethelyn Miller Hartwich, "Mount Baker Area Year 'Round Playground" LDS, 8/27/2004 New chairlift
tnt-1983-jun-5-mag10 Tacoma News Tribune (Magazine) June 5, 1983 Karen Goettling and N.L. Kirkland, "Skywalk" LDS, 8/27/2004 Partial ski orbit of Mt Rainier
tnt-1999-aug-12-B1 Tacoma News Tribune August 12, 1999 Sandi Doughton, "Ski soldier got to know Rainier in peace and war" LDS, 11/20/2002 Reference: Duke Watson, Rainier centennial
tnt-2004-feb-12-E1 Tacoma News Tribune February 12, 2004 Jeffrey P. Mayor, "Army's first mountain men" LDS, 9/21/2005 Reference: Recollections of Gordon Dick, Victor Ekland, and Hans Thopmson, largely about gear
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