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The following are some ideas for future research.


An important part of the project is to interview ski mountaineers past and present. I divide these into two groups: persons active before 1965 and persons active after 1965. My first priority is to talk to skiers and mountaineers in the first group. Then I will turn my attention to the latter group. For a list of people of interest, click here. For people I have not been able to locate, click here.


I've reviewed most of the books I've collected. (See bibliography.) Eventually, I may review lower-priority books. (See hold list.) For books I am seeking, click here.


I've reviewed thousands of pages of periodicals from the early 1900s to the present time. (See reference list.) For periodicals I am seeking, click here. The following (lower priority) periodicals may also contain useful information:


I've reviewed records of the Mountaineers (Seattle), the Cascadians (Yakima), the Mt Baker Club (Bellingham), and the Alpine Roamers (Wenatchee). I haven't been able to find records from the Washington Alpine Club (Seattle), although I know its members were active in ski mountaineering in the 1930s. Other clubs to contact for records include:

Special Collections

Special collections include manuscripts, scrapbooks, photo albums, journals, and clippings files. For a list of collections I've found, click here. These are some of the best sources and I'm continually looking for more collections to review.

Other Resources

Other sources that may be of interest include:

To Contribute

To suggest other people, organizations or reference sources, contact Lowell Skoog.

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