The Alpenglow Gallery - Mountain Stories

Skiing the Cascade Crest

A 25-year journey across time and terrain

  Logan High Route

Rolling Thunder

Close call during a descent in the North Cascades

  Rolling Thunder

Skiing in Climbing Boots

Remembering a bygone period in Northwest skiing

  Skiing in climbing boots

The Thunder High Route

Skiing from Rainy Pass to Eldorado Peak in the North Cascades

  Thunder High Route

The Logan High Route

Adding a new finish to a classic ski route

  Logan High Route

Lowell Skoog

Painting a Picture of Northwest Skiing History

By Don Pattison

  Lowell Skoog

Flights, Cameras, Action! on Golden Horn

The making of KOMO-TV's "Goldenhorn Pinnacle"

  Golden Horn

Skiing the North Cascades Highway

The making of KOMO-TV's "Backcountry Ski Tour"

  Skiing the North Cascades Highway

World Record Backflip

Flashback to 1975

  World record backflip

The Ptarmigan Traverse

Then and now

  Cache Col in 1953

The Silver Skis

America's wildest ski race

  The Silver Skis

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