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Accelerated depreciation Accelerated depreciation,
Depot Creek

Collateral damage Collateral damage,
Goodell Creek

Second ski car Second ski car,
North Cascades

Trail skiing Trail skiing,
Chilliwack River

Stream skiing Stream skiing,
Damnation Creek

Flying wedge Flying wedge,
Napeequa Valley

Short skis, short bushwack Short skis, short bushwack
Mt Jefferson

Ice axe technique Ice axe technique,
Chiwaukum Mountains

Crampon technique Crampon technique,
North Cascades

Performing without a net Performing
without a net,
Nooksack River

The straddle The straddle,
North Cascades

The crawl The crawl,
North Cascades

The tyrolean The tyrolean,
Squamish River

Half-way there Half-way there,
Squamish River

Hand-to-limb combat Hand-to-limb combat,
Enigma Range

Devils club Devils club,
Bear Creek

High angle bush High angle bush,
Picket Range

Blowout Blowout,
Chiwawa Basin

Gum-out Gum-out,
Mt Shuksan

The reward? The reward?
North Cascades

The Alpenglow Gallery