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From Stevens Pass to Stampede Pass including Snoqualmie Pass.

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Year Month-Day Who Where What References
1888 - Northern Pacific Railroad Stampede Pass Tunnel opens trans-continental link between Puget Sound and eastern U.S. subject index
1893 - Great Northern Railroad Stevens Pass Surface railroad completed over the pass. In later years tunnels were bored under the pass. subject index
Early 1910s - - Scenic Hot Springs Location for tobogganing and skiing subject index
1914 - Mountaineers Lodge Lake Mountaineers establish Snoqualmie Lodge subject index
1915 - Milwaukee Railroad, State Highway Department Snoqualmie Pass Snoqualmie Tunnel opened from Rockdale to Hyak. Permanent highway opened over the pass. subject index
1922 and 1923 Washington's Birthday Mountaineers Lodge Lake Annual Mountaineer skiing tournaments, women's trophy (1922) and novice skier trophy (1923) awarded for the first time subject index
1924 February 12 Cle Elum Ski Club Cle Elum First annual skiing tournament subject index
1925 July 11 State Highway Department Stevens Pass Highway completed, open in summer only subject index
1926 May W.J. Maxwell Denny Mountain Ski ascent st-1933-sep-23
1927-28 - Mountaineers Mt Catherine loop, Chair Peak loop, Silver Peak, Mirror Lake, Keechelus Mtn Ski tours from Snoqualmie Lodge mtneer-a-1918-p50, mtneer-a-1920-p51, mtneer-a-1928-p45
1928 January 16 Wilcox Wilde (with Hermann Ulrichs) Guye Peak Ski-climb (during 1st winter ascent) Email correspondence with Harry Majors (May 3, 2021)
1928 February 11-12 Rudy Amsler, Andy Anderson, Bill Maxwell, Art Marzolf, Alex Fox, Lars Lovseth Snoqualmie Pass to Stampede Pass crest route Trek from Lodge Lake to Stampede Pass with an overnight bivouac near Stirrup Lake subject index
1928 November 11 Mountaineers Martin, near Stampede Tunnel Meany Ski Hut dedicated subject index
1929 February 10 Walt Anderson Leavenworth First annual ski jumping tournament subject index
1929 Probably March Andrew Anderson and Norval Grigg Snoqualmie Pass to Stampede Pass crest route First one-day traverse of the route. Following this adventure, Anderson and Grigg donated the Ski Patrol Trophy. subject index
Circa 1930 - Mountaineers Granite Mountain Ski ascent mtneer-b-1928-jan, mtneer-b-1930-feb
1930 February 8-9 Seattle Ski Club Beaver Lake First annual ski jumping tournament mtneer-b-1930-feb, prater-1981-p133a
1930 March 23 Mountaineers Snoqualmie Pass to Stampede Pass crest route First Patrol Race, won by Hans-Otto Giese, Andrew W. Anderson, Fred Ball (elapsed time 7-1/2 hours). subject index
1930-31 - State Highway Department Snoqualmie Pass Highway open all winter for the first time subject index
1932 or before - Mountaineers Snoqualmie Pass area Many tours to peaks, passes and lakes had by this time been established within a day's travel of the Snoqualmie Lodge (31 tours) and Meany Ski Hut (18 tours) mtneer-a-1932-p28, mtneer-a-1932-p26
1933 - Washington Alpine Club members Red Mtn, Kendall Peak, Snoqualmie Mtn Ski ascents (not the first?) st-1933-sep-23
1934 January 21 Seattle Park Board Snoqualmie Summit Municipal ski area opened without tows subject index
1937 Early May Sigurd Hall, Walt Hoffman, Dwight Watson Mt Stuart Ski-climb, left skis at Ingalls Creek mtneer-a-1937-p28, dw-scrapbook-p445, dw-scrapbook-p329b, dw-papers-box2-G, dw-papers-box2-J.
1937 - Sigurd Hall and Dwight Watson Mt Daniel Ski summit mtneer-a-1937-p28, dw-scrapbook-idx
1937-38 - Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul and Pacific Railroad Hyak Milwaukee Bowl ski area opened subject index
1937-38 - Don Adams and Bruce Kehr Stevens Pass Stevens Pass ski area opened subject index
1938 April 10 Lloyd Anderson, Burge Bickford, John James, Werner Roepke and Marjorie Thayer Mt Kent Ski ascent mtneer-b-1938-may
1941 February 17-23 15th Infantry Ski Patrol, led by John Woodward Cascade Crest Ski traverse from Snoqualmie Pass to Naches Pass woodward-john, mrnp-ranger-1941-feb-Chief
1942 - State Highway Department Stevens Pass Highway open all winter for the first time subject index
1943 early May Walt Little and George Dennis Enchantment Lakes Ski trip to Prusik Pass via Snow Creek mtneer-a-1943-p18, little-walt
1944 May 6 Charlie Cehrs, Dave Lind, Gene Paxton, Dean Thompson, Dwight Watson Mt Hinman Ski summit mtneer-b-1944-aug, dw-scrapbook-p567, dw-papers-box1-D
1948-49 - Ray Tanner Snoqualmie Pass Ski Acres ski area opened subject index
1962 February 18 Tony Hovey and Duke Watson Big Chiwaukum Mountain Ski-climb rdw-record-1962-feb-18, watson-duke
1964 - Cal Magnusson, Hal Williams, Hans Zogg Big Snow Mountain Ski summit, via west flank magnusson-cal
1965 April 11 Jack Hossack, Tony Hovey, Duke Watson Snowgrass Mountain Ski summit rdw-record-1965-apr-11, watson-duke
1966 December 11 - Mission Ridge Mission Ridge ski area opened subject index
1967-68 - - Snoqualmie Pass Alpental ski area opened subject index
1976 - U.S. Congress Alpine Lakes Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area established subject index
1978 February Karl Erickson, Greg Wong McClellan Butte North couloir, ski descent undocumented
1979 April 28 Eric and Kurt Feigl Mt Stuart Cascadian couloir, ski descent undocumented
1980 May 2 Karl Erickson, Greg Wong Mt Stuart Ulrich's Couloir, ski descent undocumented
1985 April 13 Lowell and Carl Skoog Red Mountain West Face lds-journal-p255, strawman
Circa 1985 - Gordon Briody and Rob Harris Cannon Mountain NE "Cannon Mountain" Couloir (Mountaineer Creek drainage), ski descent undocumented, strawman
1989 April 15-16 Lowell and Carl Skoog Chiwaukum Mountains Ski traverse from Whitepine Creek over Snowgrass Mountain to Chatter Creek lds-journal-p503
1995 - Jethro Robinson, Dave Warnick Guye Peak East Gully, ski descent undocumented, strawman
1996 April Martin Volken, Andy Dappen Overcoat Peak North couloir, ski descent undocumented
1997 January Steve Martin Kaleetan Peak Ski descent (spiral S-E-NE) undocumented, strawman
1997 April Jan Kordel, Steve Martin Mt Snoqualmie Northwest ("Slot") couloir, ski descent undocumented
Circa 1997 - Jeff Mazinko and Shane Wilder Mt Stuart Sherpa Glacier couloir, ski descent undocumented, strawman
1998 February Martin Volken, Peter Avolio Kendall Peak West flank, ski descent undocumented
Circa 1998 - Gordon Briody Mt Cashmere SE face, ski descent undocumented, strawman
1999 February Martin Volken, Ben Haskell, Jim Sammet, Scott Schell Mt Snoqualmie "Crooked couloir," ski descent undocumented
1999 June Martin Volken, Mike Hattrup, Peter Avolio, Andy Dappen, Carl Skoog "Snoqualmie Haute Route" Ski traverse from Big Snow Mtn to Mt Hinman, Overcoat Glacier, Chikamin Peak, Gold-Burntboot Creek divide, Snoqualmie Pass skiing-2000-feb-p100
2000 March Martin Volken, Peter Avolio, Jim Graham Mt Roosevelt East flank, ski descent undocumented
2001 May Martin Volken, Chris Solomon Alaska Mountain SE face, ski descent undocumented
2001 May Martin Volken, Jim Graham, Jim Sammet Big Snow Mountain East cirque, ski descent undocumented
2002 June 1-4 Joe Catellani, Matt Firth, Bruce Goodson, Lowell Skoog "Alpine Lakes Traverse" Ski traverse from Snoqualmie Pass to the Cle Elum River via Snoqualmie Haute Route, Mt Hinman and Mt Daniel lds-journal-p1456
2003 April 6 Armond DuBuque and Harlin Shepard Mt Cashmere NW Face, ski descent undocumented
2003 May 10-11 Jason and Josh Hummel, Ben Manfredi Colchuck Peak NE couloir (started below top, downclimbed the narrows), North buttress couloir, ski descents undocumented, strawman
2003 May 12 Mark Simon Mt Stuart Stuart Glacier couloir, ski descent (downclimbed the narrows) undocumented
2004 February 5 Sky Sjue Chair Peak South gully, ski descent undocumented, strawman
2004 Late February Armond DuBuque, Craig Hatton and Scott Wicklund "Jay Peak" "Crescent Couloir," ski descent nwmj-1-shorts
2004 April 3 Ross Peritore Dragontail Peak NE couloir, ski descent nwmj-1-shorts
2004 April 26 Rob Castillo, Armond DuBuque and Jim Jack Big Jim Mountain NE face, ski descent nwmj-1-shorts
2006 January John Race and Ben Mitchell Chiwaukum Mountains Full traverse from Whitepine Creek to Chatter Creek (including the Swauth) undocumented
2006 January 25 Sky Sjue, Eric Wehrly Chair Peak North Face, ski descent (with rappels) nwmj-3-shorts
2006 February 12 Ryan Lurie Argonaut Peak NE Couloir, ski descent (required one rappel and two down-climbs) nwmj-3-shorts
2006 March 12 Jeff Hansel, Jens Klubberud Guye Peak West Face, ski descent nwmj-3-shorts
2006 March 13 Martin Volken, Dave Perkins McClellan Butte East Face (from summit), ski descent nwmj-3-shorts, strawman
2006 April 4 Ross Peritore Dragontail Peak Triple Couloirs, ski descent (rappels at bottom of 2nd couloir) nwmj-4-shorts
2006 May 10 Casey Ruff, Sky Sjue Mt Stuart Ice Cliff Glacier, ski descent nwmj-4-shorts
2007 February 10 Jason Hummel, Sky Sjue, Eric Wehrly Chikamin Peak South Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2008 April 22-28 Trevor Kostanich and Peter Avolio "Central Cascades Traverse" Ski traverse from Icicle Creek road to Prusik Pass, Lake Stuart, Jack Creek, Granite Mtn, Mt Daniel, Williams Lake, Overcoat Col, Chikamin Ridge and Gold Creek undocumented
2008 May 4 Monika Johnson, Ryan Lurie, Sky Sjue, Eric Wehrly Colchuck Peak NE Couloir, ski descent (complete) nwmj-6-shorts
2009 April 5 John Plotz Mt Cashmere East Face, ski descent nwmj-7-shorts
2010 March Martin Volken, Dan Nordstrom, Charles Lozner "Melakwa Point" (6000ft+, above Chair Lake) Traverse from Chair Peak and NW Face ski descent undocumented
2010 March 21 John Plotz, Will Terrano, Dan Helmstadter Dragontail Peak Triple Couloirs (North Face variation), ski descent nwmj-7-shorts
2010 March 27 Dan Helmstadter Sherpa Peak North Face Couloir and NE Couloir, ski descents nwmj-7-shorts
2010 April 26 Dan Helmstadter Argonaut Peak Upper NE Face and NE Couloir, continuous ski descent (from summit ridge) undocumented
2010 May 13 Dan Helmstadter Mt Stuart Stuart Glacier couloir, complete ski descent undocumented
2010 June 5 John Plotz (with Tom Janisch) Eightmile Mountain North Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2011 March 23 Forest McBrian, Erin Smart Alta Mountain West Face Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2011 April 19 Dan Helmstadter, Drew Tabke Chair Peak NE Buttress, ski descent (20m rappel over lower step) undocumented
2011 April 22 Dan Helmstadter, John Plotz Cannon Mountain ENE Couloir (Rat Creek drainage), ski descent undocumented
2011 June 4 Eric Wehrly, Pete Hirst Argonaut Peak SW Face, ski descent undocumented
2012 February 2 Forest McBrian, Erin Smart Lemah One (Lemah Thumb) SW Face, ski descent undocumented
2012 April 14 John Plotz Axis Peak NE Face, ski descent (one rappel) undocumented
2012 May 12 Martin Volken, Dave Jordan Lundin Peak North Face, ski descent undocumented
2012 December 31 Forest McBrian, Erin Smart Four Brothers Glacier Lake Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2013 March 8 Scott McAllister Argonaut Peak NW Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2013 April 16 Scott McAllister Mt Index (Main Peak) East Route (couloir), snowboard descent undocumented
2014 April 26 Drew Tabke (with Eric Wehrly) Chair Peak NE Buttress, complete ski descent (by Tabke, no rappels) undocumented
2015 January 21 Saign Charlestein, Scott McAllister Sherpa Peak NW Couloir, ski/snowboard descent undocumented
2015 December 30 Peter Avolio, Dave Jordan, Trevor Kostanich Mt Si Ski descent from true summit ("Haystack") to 2000ft undocumented
2016 January 8 John Plotz Mt Cashmere North Ridge (east flank), ski descent undocumented
2016 March 29-April 1 Jason Hummel, Kyle Miller "14 Lakes Traverse" Ski route from Cle Elum River to Robin Lakes and along Cascade Crest to Stevens Pass undocumented
2016 April 19 Sam Duke, Tom Murphy, Aaron Scott Colchuck Peak NW Face, ski descent (one 15m rappel) undocumented
2016 April 30 Aaron Scott, Matt Bowen Mt Stuart West Ridge Couloir, ski/snowboard descent (rappeled in from summit) undocumented
2016 April 26-30 Kurt Hicks, Erin Smart "Stuart Range Traverse" Ski traverse (horseshoe) from Enchantment Lakes to Mt Cashmere undocumented
2017 April 18 Rob Bolton, Stefan Knorr Chair Peak West ("Armchair") Couloir, ski descent undocumented

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