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The Cascades south of Stampede Pass excluding the Mount Rainier area.


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Year Month-Day Who Where What References
1890s - - Mt Hood and eastern Cascades First recorded skiing subject index, harpers-1899-mar-4-p225
1931 April 26 Hjalmar Hvam, Andre Roch, Arne Stene Mt Hood South side, complete ascent and descent of summit on skis oregonian-1931-apr-27, grauer-1975-p215, grauer-1975-p216, oregonian-2009-dec-19a
1932 July 16 Hans-Otto Giese, Hans Grage, Sandy Lyon, Walter Mosauer, Otto Strizek Mt Adams South side, ski descent scb-1932-aug-p148, mtneer-b-1932-aug, mtneer-a-1932-p26, st-1933-jul-09-mag2, aaj-1935-p325, seattle-1969-dec-p49, giese-photos-alb7
1933 June Hans-Otto Giese, Otto Strizek Mt St Helens Ski ascent mtneer-b-1933-aug, seattle-1969-dec-p49
1934 April 29 Ralph Calkin and James Mount Mt Hood Ski orbit grauer-1975-p160
1937 July 4 Sigurd Hall and Dwight Watson Goat Rocks Ski scouting trip mtneer-a-1937-p28, dw-scrapbook-p445, dw-scrapbook-p357
1941 June 22 Walt Dyke and Dwight Watson Mt Adams Mazama Glacier, ski-climb dw-scrapbook-idx, dw-shoeboxes-D-loose, dw-movies
1942 - Dick Slater, Calder Bressler, Chuck Kirschner, Ray Clough Goat Rocks Five-day ski trip, climbing Old Snowy mtneer-a-1958-p48
1951 August 12 State Highway Department White Pass Highway opened subject index
Circa 1952 - Bruce Gilbert, Chuck Hessey Hogback Mountain, above White Pass Ski summit lyon-tom
1952-53 - Yakima Valley Ski Club White Pass White Pass Ski Area opened subject index
1953 Late March Chuck and Marion Hessey, Dorothy Egg, Tom Lyon White Pass to Goat Rocks One-week ski trip from White Pass to McCall Basin and back de-1953-goatrocks, egg-dorothy, marion-hessey, lyon-tom, cdh-papers.
1964 - U.S. Congress South Cascades Wilderness Act establishes Mt Adams and Goat Rocks Wilderness Areas nccc-1964-aug-pB, mtneer-a-1965
1971 March 1 Sylvain Saudan Mt Hood Newton Clark Headwall, ski descent nwskier-1971-apr-p11, grauer-1975-p268, oregonian-2009-nov-21
1970s - Paul Ekman and partner (John Soderberg?) South Cascades Ski traverse from Crystal Mountain to White Pass undocumented (info from Paul Ekman)
1979 May Mike Kirby Mt Hood Sandy Glacier Headwall, ski descent undocumented
Early 1980s (and/or late 1970s) - Steve Lyford Mt Hood Ski descents of Leuthold Couloir, Sandy Glacier Headwall, Sunshine Route, Cooper Spur, North Face (climbers left gully), Wy'east Route undocumented
1980 May 18 - Mount St Helens Eruption destroys mountain top and surrounding areas subject index
1982 August 26 U.S. Congress Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument established subject index
1984 July U.S. Congress South Cascades Washington Wilderness Act establishes William O. Douglas, Indian Heaven, Trapper Creek Wilderness Areas; expands Mt Adams and Goat Rocks Wilderness Areas usfs-1984-wmaps, cascadian-1984-p7
1984-85 (circa) - Al Brown, Jim Gale, Francesco Vanesuella Mt St Helens Ski orbit (low, roughly at lava dome elevation) undocumented (info from Jason Hummel)
1988 June 25 Jeff Berrens Mt Adams NW face of north ridge, ski descent undocumented
1990 July 1 W.D. Frank Mt Adams Adams Glacier, ski descent undocumented
1991 Spring W.D. Frank and Gary Nesvig Mt Adams Avalanche Glacier, ski descent undocumented, strawman
1992 May 21 Stephen Koch Mt Hood North Face (climbers right gully), snowboard descent undocumented
Early 1990s - Doug Coombs Mt Adams Lava Glacier Headwall, ski descent undocumented (info from Matt at Mountain Madness)
1995 July 6 Doug Coombs, Glen Plake Mt Adams North face of NW ridge, ski descent undocumented
Circa 1995 Spring Matt Perkins Mt Adams Pinnacle Glacier headwall, ski descent undocumented
1997 June Charlie Berg, Ben Manfredi Mt Curtis Gilbert NE face, ski descent undocumented
2002 May Jason and Josh Hummel, Ben Manfredi Tieton Peak North face, ski descent undocumented
2002 July 5-6 Jason and Josh Hummel, Ben Manfredi Mt Adams Stormy Monday Couloir (also Lava Glacier Headwall), ski descent undocumented
2003 June 28 Ben Manfredi, Jason Hummel, Corey Bloom, Sky Sjue Mt Adams Lyman Glacier (north portion), ski descent undocumented
2004 February 21 [names withheld] Mt St Helens Crater wall, ski descent undocumented
2004 June 4 Amar Andalkar, Sam Avaiusini, Cyril Benda, Corey Bloom, Jason Hummel and Sky Sjue Mt Adams Lyman Glacier (south portion), ski descent nwmj-2-shorts
2006 June 25 Phil Fortier, Jason and Josh Hummel, Sky Sjue Mt Adams Lava Ridge, ski descent nwmj-4-shorts
2007 July 5 Jason Hummel Mt Adams NW Face of West Ridge, ski descent nwmj-5-shorts, strawman
2008 July 14 Amar Andalkar, David Coleman, Jason and Josh Hummel Mt Adams Ski orbit nwmj-6-shorts, strawman
2010 June 26 Jason and Josh Hummel, Adam Roberts Mt Adams Klickitat Headwall, ski descent undocumented
2018 March 6 Jason Hummel, Jeff Rich Mt St Helens Ski orbit (high, followed summit crest before descending to lava dome) undocumented

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