Paragliding - Alpine heights
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Sauk Mtn Sauk Mountain
North Cascades

Rainy Shoulder Rainy Shoulder
North Cascades

Green Mtn Green Mountain
North Cascades

Mt Daniel Mount Daniel

Crater Mtn Crater Mountain
North Cascades

Mt Ellinor Mount Ellinor

Aiguille du Midi Aiguille du Midi
French Alps

Col Rodella Col Rodella

Verbier Verbier

Alpine Sunset Alpine Sunset

Climbers who take up paragliding soon learn that flying is not a good way to descend from hard climbs. The conditions are too unreliable and the risk is too great. But climbing for flying's sake, ascending an easy mountain to launch from a meadow or snowfield, can be one of the most rewarding paragliding experiences. It is a return to the sport's roots. A fifteen minute descent after a scenic hike may be more memorable than a hundred hours of soaring at the old club hill.
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